Friday, December 10, 2010

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

The DC Blizzard of 2003

The holiday season is as good a time as any to be nostalgic and this week, over a two-day reply-all email conversation between some of my oldest DC friends - Fran, Julie and Virginia - the four us did some virtual glory-daysing...

The Blizzard of 2003: It wasn't Christmas-time, but it sure was a winter wonderland! It snowed for days and days in Washington, shutting down the federal government for nearly a week. At the time ALL of my friends were Hill rats like me, and we all lived within steps of each other. Such a shut down equaled a big fat snow day for everyone - four days in a row!

We'd spend our days huddled by fires watching old movies and at night we'd cure cabin fever with a walk to the bars. Twenty degrees when you're in your twenties - not a problem!

Funny how we could all make it out, despite the elements, to Capitol Lounge  (just steps from our offices near the Capitol) but yet....couldn't make it to work?? Politics; such an interesting beast.

Eventually the Lounge ran out of well, everything, because the food and bev suppliers couldn't make it into the city for deliveries. That's when the young, mindful people who help keep this great Nation running got the brilliant idea to fully disregard the storm and host a tropical themed party. Under all those coats and scarves and hats....

Frozen faces - a foreshadowing of what we'll look like once Botoxed

you'll find resort wear. Pink. Green. Fabulous.

With teeth a-chatter we traipsed blocks in snow that was three feet deep to our friends MontyAnnie Laurie's house where, like our bodies, the drinks would be frozen. For hours we sat around a table sipping pina coladas + margaritas while playing games and making new friends...friends we don't see much anymore, but at the mere mention of their names - and sometimes the slightest chance of snow - we recall this silly, fun, unforgettable night.

During last year's blizzard,  which had me 'burb-bound for days-on-end, the most amusing thing I did was cook chicken dumplings from scratch. I'm certainly warmed by the memories of both big snows (it's not like being trapped with Mr. W and Chloe was terrible!) but as DC anticpates a wintery forecast this weekend and my friends and I recall the Blizzard Aught-Three, I have to say... that remains my most perfect storm!



Dee Stephens said...

LOVE IT! Ahh..the 20's.. I remember mine too.
Most of my best ones are from my VEGAS days! Great stories there. We should meet up one weekend and exchange!

Franny Decker said...

Love it! That was really one of the best memories I have. I also remember being told at Top of the Hill that I didnt meet the dress code because of my winter boots. I told the guy there were 3 feet of snow on the ground and I had just walked almost a mile to get there and walked right past him! Every time it snows I think of that day... ahhhh, the memories!

Fran- the one in the red jacket


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