Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Pickle Present and Propsal

Today over at The Webbisodes the ever-festive queen of all elf bloggers, Shannon, is hosting a little tree trimming party. You'll find it not at all shocking that I couldn't get my act together to take appropriate photos of my trimmed tree to share the way all the other bloggers are, but I'm particpating, still, by showcasing not all of my favorite ornaments, but the most favorite and most significant one that hangs on my tree. 

The pickle...

Before meeting Mr. W  I never knew the story of the Christmas Pickle - how German families would give a special gift to the child who found the pickle hidden in the Christmas tree. On the first Christmas we celebrated together when we were dating, I'd hidden the pickle ornament and left a gift for Mr. W to open on Christmas morning while I was away in Tennessee. The next year, it was his turn to hide the ornmanet for me to find.  One night, two years ago, while watching It's A Wonderful Life, Mr. W paused the movie and told me if I could find the pickle in the tree, I could get an early gift. When I finally found the pickle, a diamond ring was hanging on it!
This Christmas, the pickle has yet to be hidden - it's Mr. W's turn again - but it's hanging by this year's new addition to our tree - our monogram (I picked those up at Hobby Lobby while shopping with the fabulous Whitney and Sarah Beth). 

What is the favorite thing hanging on your tree? 



Dee Stephens said...

I totally looked for a pickle this year for our tree! I saw this a few years ago when spending Christmas with my cousin. Whoever found it got a $100. I totally want to have this tradition with my children one day. Now.. If I can just find a pickle! Love your story!

flip flops and pearls said...

Thanks for linking up with Shannon & I are HTT- love seeing new faces! Thanks for sharing your stories:)

Have a great day-

Shannon said...

Thanks for linking up, P! I love the pickle, that's way to funny!

Have a great one!

Oh and guess who Bret saw today...Obama...crazy, right?

Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

what a great story! i never knew that.....mr dubs is a sneaky one for sure! i love that monogram ornament too! i don't have a tree this year but one of my favorite ornaments is an eiffel tower with a cute poodle next to it. not very christmasy but i love it just the same.

Joni said...

we have a pickle ornament too. i love the tradition behind it. we don't actually hide it but it is a great german tradition.

Randi said...

You have a precious blog!! Can't wait to follow up and become blogging buddies! :-)

Miss Janice said...

Lord, it was only a few years ago that I learned about the pickle ornament! I love that your husband attached a DIAMOND to the ornament--awesome gifting idea! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas:)

Cherise said...

Stopping by on the home tour- thanks for sharing your story. I've never heard of a pickle ornament but I LOVE the idea! Might have to keep this in mind when my baby is a little older.

Ruth said...

I never heard about the pickle until college. I love the story of getting your ring.
Stopping by from HTT


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