Monday, May 2, 2011

Good Morning America at our Wedding Watch Party

When I spoke hypothethically last week, you may have read between the lines that Good Morning America was coming to our wedding watch party. By now, you know that happened!!!

Though a producer from ABC news had reached out to me after reading about our party plans on this blog, it still wasn't official when I posted the plea for pajama advice. I opted pink + white polka dots because this was the cutest thing I could find on short notice....
Harrods apron, 4am...

While ABC producers and I had been in conversation a few times, and I'd agreed a week before the wedding not to speak to any other networks that day (not that anyone else was courting us...but still!) it wasn't official 'til Thursday afternoon that ABC News was coming.

The GMA crew

When I found out, sitting under a dryer at my hair salon ('cause you better believe, even with TV coverage just pending, I was getting my roots done!) that it was really going to happen, I quickly went about calling our guests to say, Pack something cute! Though I got a few, Seriously, P...why is everything with you always such a  D@#^ production? the girls came through...royally! 

RW Watchers and Claire Shipman before our West Coast live shot

What was billed initially as us just a quick Skype shot turned into Claire Shipman and a crew coming for the entire morning to shoot a story and a live hit for GMA on the West Coast (live wedding coverage prempted its East Coast broadcast) and also a package for World News Tonight (that ended up not airing...Rejected - now I know how Fergie feels).

You can watch the story here!

Staging the table...again!

GMA wasn't the only press that we got! I did an interview with an AP reporter and the story was picked up by media outlets all across the world. Mary spoke to E! online about wedding security...because when she's not throwing parties, she has a serious day job. How we became go-to girls stateside for this wedding, I'll never know....but it was hysterical and so fun!!

And, let me just state the obvious: I am highly amused by stuff like this!

Even Sir Beufort got in on the action! {Not pictured - Steph + Shannon who'd already left for work!}

Though Mary, our guests and I went all out for the royal nupts...

...we certainly understood that two beautiful, regal royals declaring I Do was not putting a man on the moon. That doesn't mean, however, that the event was "just a wedding".

Of course I orded cheesey napkins!

The Royal Wedding will remain, for years, a story that people will remember, recalling where they were and who they were with when they saw it. It's the rare headline that isn't tragic or sad that still time stamps our memory...and aside from loving romance, weddings and any excuse to gather with friends, that is why we, and I believe the other 2 billion people who watched live, made such a big deal about celebrating.  

Few people get to fill their days with royalty and red carpets, so I think it's fun to make everything such a D@#^ production! Doing so adds real whimsy to life, and makes memories more vivid! For a a few hours, we all got to be a small part in a huge story, which I can assure you, was worth the lost sleep...and far more exciting than watching later from our DVRs.

I'll be back soon with party details!


Hines-Sight said...

What a great day for you all. Exciting!!!

Dee Stephens said...

How fun! Going to check out the stories now.

The Sampler Girl said...

Lovely! I was up to with my party - such a beautiful wedding. Lots of memories :)

Tanya, on the east coast

Anonymous said...

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Christina {Carolina Charm} said...

Dee just alerted me to your national fame. This is TOO cool!


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