Monday, December 7, 2009

bon vOYAge, Monty!

By now, the "pushy Jersey moving company"  has experienced first-hand its "first taste of magnolia tobasco" as it rolls a decade's worth of my friend Monty's clothes, furniture and memories from Captiol Hill back to Georgia, her beloved home state. Washington, D.C. has lost of one of its last, great renaissance women.

Together, Monty and I have seen the bottom of many wine bottles and the top of the London Eye. She wore a smashing black cocktail dress with a zillion strands of pearls to my wedding. With cowboy boots.  It was, afterall, on a ranch...

You can't see the boots in this pictures, but trust me, they were hot

I value her friendship not just because she's a great dresser, a fun traveler and a good shot. She's a loyal, sincere, smart woman - a true daughter of the South - with whom I can spend a day and feel like I'm with someone who knew me before I lost most of the twang in my accent and started eating sushi. Friends like those are hard to find anywhere...but especially in Washington.

Last week, Monty and I had a farewell dinner at Oya, a really beautiful restaurant Downtown (if you ever go there, order the Typhoon roll - delish!).
Twangs and Sushi

We talked about how she can't wait to get back to her roots...kind, simple people, Southern boys and being a day's drive to any SEC football stadium.

 photo credit: Monty's Facebook Album, "The Beautiful South"

We relived the swinging days of our younger years on the Hill.
Top of the Hill circa 2003

And talked about how she'd miss the perks of the city, places like Oya with yummy, over-priced desserts....
  and damask-print seats in the bathroom

Fear not, Monty...demask is all over Dixie! As much as I will miss you, it's right where you belong!

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