Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Travel Tidbits

  • Mr. W + I are back from beaching with DPR.
DPR takes a dip
  • Earl stole just a few days, haunting us with hurricane threats, but we still got a lot of time in the sun....
  • Picture this: I took my camera to Ocean City, with its dead battery, but left my memory card at home. All my vacay shots are from my phone....
  • This weekend's trip was my first to Ocean City. Like Myrtle Beach and Destin are to East Tennesseans, O.C. is just where you vacation if you're from Maryland. I am glad to have this right of passage behind me now.
  •  Mr. W hearts O.C., and shared story after story during our trip about the trips he took there as a boy.
  • Lost in translation: My friend Julie wrote on Facebook that she'd just arrived to The O.C. I thought she was also on Maryland's Eastern Shore, so we started making plans to meet up. Turns out, she was in Orange County, California. 
  • Chloe Diggers stayed home alone while we were at the beach, with frequent visits by her fabulous dog nanny to walk her, pet her and give her treats. I love the updates she leaves after each visit....
  • I had a nightmare while at the beach that Chloe had to have her ears amputated. I woke first thing to call Lords of London and take out a policy on her signature feature...
  • Last night Chloe and I reunited on the couch for our favorite pasttime together - napping -  while Mr W watched his Hokies. That game proved to be a nightmare for the Dubs, but as you can see, the Diggers and I were having sweet dreams. 

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Anne S said...

I'm so glad you had fun!! I was worried about the weather, but it sounds like it all worked out. Yay for vacay!


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