Friday, September 3, 2010

Julia Roberts - My 'Secret' Bikini Twin

Julia Roberts gets alot of grief (cough, Jenni; cough, Jocelyn; cough, Patrick) for being a pretty big fan of herself. But why shouldn't Julia be a little smug? She has great hair, and she is sort of famous.

Not too famous, though, to wear a 4-year old, catalog-ordered swimsuit on the beach in Hawaii...

photo credit:

I know this suit is old and pretty cheap because my personal shopper sent it me I ordered it myself, years ago, from Victoria's Secret.

Boating with my publicist Mom

This revelation thrilled me just as much as when my friend Kim wore the same Nordstroms dress to a wedding before Tori Spelling sported it on The View.

Kim in turqoiuse, well before Tori

Blurry proof that Tori copied Kim...

Celebrities....they're just like us!  Keep your eyes open for Kim and I to be featured in Who Wore It Best? in US Weekly. We'd appreciate your votes.


Shannon said...

That's pretty cool! I think I may have once worn a shirt I spied on a celeb in the "They're just like us" section of US Magazine!

You are too stylish for your own good, girl! Have a great long weekend!

Patrick Newton said...

I fully stand by my criticism of JR. Humility and Grace would do her some good ;)


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