Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Role Reversals: speaking etsy and man lit

Last night I was curled up on the couch finishing the final chapters of The Apostle by Brad Thor. That's right. Not Emily Giffin, but Brad Thor. If reading about stillettoed damsels is chick lit, then reading about CIA operatives is what...Man Lit? I don't know...


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What I do know is that I didn't pack enough pages last weekend at the beach, so I had to read some of Mr. Dubs'  manly books when I finished the book I had brought (also of the male variety, but HYSTERICAL, and now an indie flick!).

So, in the middle of a terrorist attack somewhere in Afghanistan, I really couldn't be bothered when Mr. W interruppted a most telling chapter inquiring, "What is Etsy? Ever heard of it?"

"Yes, dear. All those custom labels you mock that I order for parties? I get them from Etsy."

"So it's legit?"

Mr. W, tapping into his senstive side that I do deeply love, was shopping online for a sweet and clever gift that he wants to give some friends. It's a unique idea, something you won't find at Pottery Barn, so a Google search had clearly landed him on Etsy.

"Yes," I said with an internal giggle. "Etsy is great," I declared, and  went quickly back to my man book.

I always get a big crush on Mr. W's creative mind and his giving heart. However, seconds matter when you're rescuing American captives from the Taliban. In the midst of my action packed novel it was simply just not a good time for me to offer to stop and shop. 

"Hey..what's a convo?"

"What's a what," I asked.

For someone who makes his living in the computer industry, the Dubs could care less about any website that is not a function of his work or While I read Facebook, oh...on the hour sometimes, he logs on about four times a year. Twitter? No way. I was surprised to learn he actually reads my blog (Hi, Z!).

So, it is no surprise that he was a tad overwhelmed with the frills of Etsy.  

"It says 'convo me if you have questions' and I have a question about this."


I put down my book to explain that a convo was just Etsy speak for "send me an email" to start a conversation. With that important clarifcation made, I didn't need to instruct further a man who can write sophisticated software on how to set up his Etsy account so he could "convo" with a dealer. 

Mr. W's question was sent, and I don't know yet if he's heard back from the seller with the answer he needs. I hope so; my little online shopper really has his heart set on the item he discovered.

As for me, I finished The Apostle just before my head hit the pillow last night. I am looking so forward to having a convo about the book - and my husband's new Etsy habit - tonight over dinner.


Whitney and the Preppy Puppy said...

So cute. Mr. Dubs is a gem.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Whitney. It's always very comforting when your husband takes an interest in the things you love! (i.e. Rich's obsession with "Dallas" reruns right now...)

Shannon said...

Oh I love Etsy! I didn't even know it existed until a few months ago. You are so right though you can definitely find some very unique gifts there.

Your beach trip looked like so much fun!

Shannon said...

Hey email me when you can! I thought I had your email but can't find it now and want to ask you a ? or a favor if you will...Hehe!

Kitchen Belleicious said...

Okay, I am dying laughing in my kitchen right now. I must visit more often) I miss your sense of humor. Just been busy with the kiddo and other volunteer things but Your Mister sounds like My Mister. Both creative but both have no clue about the world around them. Its so cute though. That book sounds interesting. I might need to read that if I ever have 5 minutes or more like 1 minute to sit down EVER? Have a great weekend!


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