Monday, May 24, 2010

eBaBy! {Baby Gift Ideas}

I'm in the business of all things mommy and baby these days.

No, not for why you may think. I've just got lots of mommy friends!

My mommy friends have made me a full-blown auntie and we all know aunties have to give good gifts and I've found some super affordable ones to share with  you!

I just made a trip to meet Baby Ellis and  I wanted to take a few happies, ones that were personalized. Baby E's mom kept his name top secret while he was warming so mucho monogramming and personalizing time has been lost.

I got Ellis this little onesie with his name on it...and as you can tell, he loves it, especially because he's already earned the nickname E (not unlike his aunt who often answers to simply, P).

I got him a burbing cloth like the one below (only with a monogram) because even at a mere 3 months old, Ellis needs to be a gentleman when he gushes...and a sweet little bib that looked like this, only with an "E".

Let me tell you a little secret....I got this stuff all off ebay, and  if Ellis' mom wasn't such a bargain shopper herself, I'd be embarassed to admit that each item was less than $20.  (I used Monkey Bug Monograms for the burp cloth and bib; I can't recall who made the onesie).

I know that Etsy is the new black and all, and I do heart it....I'm just saying....don't forget about ebay!

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Kitchen Belleicious said...

I am so with you! I get alot of Grant's smocked, appliqued clothes from there. I love castle and crowns and teddy! I usually buy new from other mothers and the clothes are wonderful! Just FYI in case you are shopping for clothes next time! Love ya


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