Friday, May 21, 2010

This Time Next Week...

I'll go ahead and admit it. I've had a ticket to see Sex and the City 2 for two weeks. 

The ticket is on a little board at my office, and I look over at it and get more giddy than a grown woman should over a movie.

I recognize that there are plenty of tawdry things wrong with the SATC series. I don't disagree that the characters' glamourized lifestyles of spreading legs and bank accounts on a whim is a disservice to women. Still, one can't discount the way Sex and the City captures friendships. Showcasing the relationships between friends is what the show does even better than fashion.

Yes, I'm curious to see where the story will take each of the girls, but it is the excuse this movie will create to spend a totally indulgent night with some of my best girls that makes me most excited. Jenni's even hopping a plane to experience the movie with our group - how very Samantha of her, no?

This time next week we will be dressed in sassy duds, stomping around Chinatown in our stillettos, ordering pre-show cosmos and popping the corks on some champers when the lights go down in our theater. We will be cliche, cheesey and meet every stereotype associated with the demographic of this movie's ticket buyers. I, for one, cannot wait.

I'm soooo glad today is Friday....but I kind of, sort of wish it was already next Friday!

 Do you have special plans to see SATC with your friends?


Kitchen Belleicious said...

Okay, DO NOT tell me what happens! I have to be in Dallas for a party thing and I can't see it until the following weekend! I am dying and can't wait but hope you have a blast. Doesn't it just excite you to think about it! Oh the joy!

Kate said...

while I do have many wonderful friends who will also be seeing the movie, we live so spread apart these days that I'll have to call in the big guns....the mister is planning to take me to see it. what a good sport!

Sami Mastrario said...

I definitely want to see that movie! :]

Great blog!


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