Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Know Nobunny Special {a retraction}

It's hard to roll with the In Crowd...which is why I have ended up in the midst of my very own Bunnygate. I can't mislead y'all into thinking I'm someone that I'm really not, therefore I must disclose how I recently learned that I do not in fact know The First Bunny. I thought I did. I came so close. But, the unedited gchat  below reveals the truth behind how common I truly am...

me: I just heard it's all a lie.

JJ told me you werent in fact the bunny.

not the bunny: Let's just say that folks have gotten ahead of themselves.
me: yellow journalist, I am...

not the bunny: There are many bunnies.

me: I figured...

not the bunny: And sadly I never made it out of the East Wing actually wearing the suit.

So I wasn't even one of them

me: what did you do?

not the bunny: The bunny costume
me: what did you do?

not the bunny: The bunny costume was a little tight, so I helped escort the bunnies.

So I was right there

me: did you meet Reese?
not the bunny: Although later than POTUS was out there.

me: or any other celeb?

not the bunny: Negatve, no celebs for me.

me: do I have to retract my story?

not the bunny: We'll let it ride for now

me: It's a good story!!!

not the bunny: No one will know but us!
me: so you were like the Farnsworth Bentley of the Bunnies?

not the bunny: Who is Farnsworth Bentley?
me: he was P Diddy's body man

not the bunny: Ah. Sounds like me...

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DC said...

Awww so sorry your bunny was not "the" bunny LOL but the important thing was you "thought" he was LOL.. Anyhow you are too sweet with your wonderful comments and we love having you come by and visit us! Hmmmm maybe next time you can bring along a glass of vino for us from the VA Vineyards, so how is that wine? We love Nappa, is it as pretty, we need to get out there and take a looksy... and of course a taste! We'd love to be added to your blogroll if you get the chance!
Smiles, have a wonderful day!
Shelley and Sarah :)


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