Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Day at the Vineyards

I know it's not Napa, but I LOVE living just an hour-ish drive from Virgnia's Wine Country. The landscape in the region's hidden little country towns is spectacular. The wine is pretty good, too!

On Saturday, Mr. W was busy doing home repairs with my father-in-law, Pops. Because laboring relatives can really put a damper on one's couching-and-watching-TBS-movies time,  I took a day trip out to Delplane!

I drove with the windows down, listened to Pat Green's Three Days album and spent the afternoon wine tasting with friends. I started at Miracle Valley Vineyard, but stayed for a long, long visit at  Three Fox Vineyard (and will surely return there again - it's wonderful!).

Carrie and Mary were there...

and so was Baby C!

Carragan - who did not wine at all  (obvs) - hardly whined all day because she is pretty and perfect.

While the grown up girls, including her grandmother JuJu in from Knoxville for a visit...

were sampling sips from the latest labels at Three Fox, Carragan hung with her dad, Chris.

Chris, who is one A+ husband and daddy, had to manage five ladies all by himself....a tough job - even with bread, cheese and chocolate.

With some help from Mary's son, Beaufort, he managed just fine!

Mr. B of spent most of his day running on the perfect, grassy hills at the winery...

Roaming the range makes a pup thirsty! But don't call PETA....

that's just water in a fancy glass!

I stole some time with Baby C, myself; I consider her my little practice preemie.

Together we proved that I can, in fact, have a tot in one hand, and swirl the tannins with the other...


I know. All signs point to a future Mother-of-the-Year award....


Shannon said...

Just left you an award on my blog.

Stop by for the details!

Have a great week!


Angie said...

I just came across your blog from FB...so CUTE!!! It is such a fun read And, the first post I read was about your love of napkins...then I saw this post of you and your friends at the vineyard. The baby is holding napkins. It made me giggle-DId you bring those for the baby? :-)


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