Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Know A Very Important Somebunny....

I hate to be a name dropper, I really do....but I just can't help myself. In DC, really like in no other town, it truly is all about who you know and well....I know the First Bunny.
photo credit: USA Today

That guy, with the big ears and the blue eye-shadow....we're total BFFs. It's true. We go back years.  He was in my wedding party.

I won't reveal his true name (though I will tell you, that whole Peter Cottontail business - pure alias!) because I haven't been given the okay by the Secret Service. What I can do, though, is offer to put in a good word, by way of The Bunny, to any other VIP you may need to reach like...the Tooth Fairy or perhaps the big man himself....Santa Claus!

Here I am with the Easter Bunny one New Year's Eve (clearly the Bunny LOVES holidays!)
Mr W knows him, too...

Yes, when not in tails, The Bunny only wears tuxedos.

...therefore with an inside connection like this, I think it's safe to say we've officially reached the rank of Power Couple.

I have yet to get a debrief from my bud The Bunny about his big day Monday at the White House Easter Egg Roll. 
photo credit: USA Today

I can't wait to hear about how he got to roam on the South Lawn, and hang with the cast from Glee. What I want to know most of all, howevs, is did he meet Reese, who brought Ava and Deacon to DC since she read books on the Storytime Stage during the festivities.
photo credit: USA Today

If my friend still speaks to me now that he has risen to the A List, I'll be sure to let you know all the details!


Anne S said...

My fellow Wroten wedding greeter! That's fabulous.

Anne S said...

BTW, Ava looks adorable. Deacon, however, looks ridiculous.

Shannon said...

This is sooo neat!

idiojanic said...

Love it! We had no doubt that you already were a power couple! All of Nashville adores Reese, except when she refers to it in the rural sense (which she did in the recent past in an interview - feathers got ruffled here) when everyone knows she was an urbanite. But big fans. Although noone here likes to be caught reacting publicly when they recognize someone famous out and about, except later in private. It's a local quirk...but a blessing to celebrities who want to live a 'nearly normal' life. Thanks for this fun post giving us the inside story - highly enjoyable read. I can't imagine experiencing that day through the eyes of a giant bunny head!


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