Thursday, April 15, 2010

One Award, Ten Things!

You know when you meet someone - in the real world or the wide web'ed one - and you want them to like you?   Well, I got that sensation from Shannon over at The Webbisodes when I found her blog.  I am officially sucking up to Shannon today because she gave me the Honest Scrap, my very first blog award!

I'm flattered by this award because it was received from someone who I think is an especially good, creative writer. As someone who once worked as a journalist, I appreciate more than most how someone turns a phrase.  I think it's safe to say without offending Shannon that as adorable as her daughter, Gillian Grace, is (and she is c-u-t-e), she still fills a diaper only her mother could love.  Yet, I read an entire blog post of Shannon's on baby poo because it was written so well.  What else can I say to endorse her? 

Thank you Shannon - I'm a big fan of yours!

This Honest Scrap award mandates that I list 10 Interesting Things About Myself. Well, y'all know how much I hate talking about myself...ha! So,  in keeping with the rules.....I'll reluctantly play along.

1. I am my mother's daugther and I cry at the slightest amount of sentiment - the National Anthem, explaining something patriotic about the Capitol to tourists, watching Undercover Boss. It is, at times, very embarassing, but I sort of love it when my heart gets all puffed up and my eyes gets all misty...makes me feel happy.

2. The phrase Always a Bridesmaid may very well have been coined for me. Before my own nupts, I was in 18 weddings!

3. I secretly judge people who are extreme spreadsheeters...mostly because I'm life-wrecking unorganized, and definetly because I'm terrible at Excel.

4. This week, after finding a sushi place that DELIVERS, I may have officially embraced suburban living.

5. I would rather have expensive dishes than expensive shoes.

6. I moved to Washington, DC, two days before 9/11

7. My favorite part of my work day is when/if I get to take a diet coke break with Carrie.

8. Speaking of Carrie...My friends and I are already planning a a super cliche girl's night when Sex and the City 2 opens in May. Pink drinks, high-heels, a faux-posh restaurant that tries too hard. I can't wait to sneak champers into the theater!!

9. I used to think my handwriting was superior to most. Now, I'd bet serial killers have better penmenship than I do.  

10. I hold hands with my dog, Chloe. Really, she lays by me, and we hold hands on the couch like newly dating teenagers.


kate said...

ok, can we please be besties? i totally cry over everything AND hold hands with my dog (Leon, a boxer who totally humors me even when he thinks I'm weird). Your blog is awesome and I am glad to have found ya!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

omg..i nearly spewed my coffee on my laptop (i just got it back from the shop thank you) about the serial killer and handwriting! ha ha

Anne S said...

Kate - if Patra turns you down, can WE be besties? I have two Boxers (one with a mean underbite and snaggle tooth). I can send my resume if necessary...

Double Wide Mom said...

18 weddings? That's a lot, even for a Southern Girl! How many of those "You can wear it again" dresses did you actually ever wear again?


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