Thursday, February 4, 2010

Southern Weddings {Sips on the South Series}

The best place in ALL the world wide web to find EVERY type of Southern wedding you'd ever dream to host or attend is no doubt Southern Weddings Magazine. When I planned my own wedding I worried Lara Casey would take out an internet restraining order against me because I was a super stalker of the SW site!

I'm still a newlywed, so I probably talk about weddings (particularely my own)...
more than I should....BUT, since Sweet Tea & Bisuits asked in this week's Sips on the South series to tell about one's Southern wedding, well.....I don't feel quite so silly about indulging. Yet again.

I struggled to incorporate all the elements I wanted for my wedding. When it comes to planning parties of any size, I tend to have tons of ideas...but no idea how to marry them all into a perfect, orderly union. I wanted every detail to feel classic and elegant but still very personal. Admittedly, calligraphied invitations and Krystal burgers kind of compete with one another when it comes to achieving sophistication...but when the I Do's were said and done, I was more than pleased with the day.
I Do Declare
requests the pleasure of your company
at the revisiting of old blog posts 
 detailing her September wedding
to Mr. W
and afterwards for a narative of 
cocktail hour and the reception 

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Short Southern Momma said...

wowza...beautiful wedding girl! You are soooo pretty! XOXO

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