Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Saying I Do - Part 1: The Ceremony

Forgive me, but I have to do just one wedding post...though it may have a few Parts. I promise not to bloviate about being a bride too much longer because this is not a wedding blog. But really, who doesn't like weddings pictures? I go to random wedding photography sites all the time and look at photos of people I don't even know!

Mr. W and I got married in Virginia's Wine and Hunt Country. It's beautiful and historic, but it's truly in the middle of nowhere. We both grew up in the country, and I'd grown particularly fond of this region while living in Washington, DC, and would escape there often during weekends to cure my longings for the South. The ceremony was in a large chapel on the campus of a private school. The reception was at Marriott Ranch, a Bed and Breakfast I'd read about in Southern Living years ago and visited for the first time with Mr. W during the first year we dated. The area is very rustic and delivered a perfect backdrop for the dressed up, down-home country-chic affair we wanted. Our entire wedding party stayed on the Ranch, our rehearsal dinner was held there, too. Guests went on hayrides and roasted marshmallows (just as Mr. Dubs and I did on our very first date), and tried not to step in cow poo. It was fabulous.

A lot of friends told me that my wedding day would be the happiest day of my life.  In spite of all the things that went wrong (rain poured all day - I'd planned an outdoor cocktail hour; the hairdressers were late; the photographers were late; the bus driver got lost with our guests...on EVERY leg of the trip) it was indeed a perfect day, overflowing with the happiest of moments.

Mr W and I saw each other before the wedding. I'm glad we did this for many reasons, the biggest being the videographer that blocked my view of the groom during my entire walk down the aisle

But who are we kidding?? Weddings aren't just about happiness and love. Weddings are about details, decor, drinking, dining and dancing.

And dressing for a weddings is all about the photo op -

Here I am with all my pretty bridesmaids. These robes were one of the gifts I gave them, because selfishly, I wanted a photo just like this. I hope they love their robes as much as I love this picture.

While we waited for the beauty squad to arrive, we sipped on champers and nibbled on tea cakes. Tea cakes were a favorite snack of my college sorority and I hadn't had one since the late-90's....y-u-m.

In a very un-Me move, I told the all the bridesmaids to choose a dress they liked in chocolate brown. My two Matrons of Honor wore long gowns, the others wore short numbers. Here's the whole gang, along with Mr. W's handsome groomsmen in classic black tuxedos.

The wedding party entered the church to the sounds of a harp....traditional selections, with the exception of the groomsmen who strolled down the aisle to a classical version of The Theme from the Dukes of Hazzard. They're Good Ole Boys, afterall...

I walked in to a trumpet. I won't downplay felt pretty regal.

My very favorite element of the church decor was this hand-painted aisle runner with our monogram.

Admittedly, I stole this idea from my friend Whitney who has way better style than I do, but my grandmother painted mine, so it's extra special to me.  I want to cut it off from the runner and use it to cover the back-center of a wing chair (that was also Whitney's idea...I was just going to matte and frame it).

When the budget had far exceed itself, I cut the floral arrangement I'd planned to have for the entrance table and went instead with a zillion candles.

My mom arranged this (along with many other elements from the church to the reception tent), and I've received more compliments on it than nearly any other wedding detail.   Mr. W and I made those programs ourselves, which is only a big deal because I'm not the greatest DIYer.

Our florist, Samantha Greenfield, however, is a dynamic DIYer. As a one-woman show she did all the wedding flowers. The bouts' for the men...

these hanging mason jars of hydrangia for the pews....

and my bouquet that I loved SO very much, especially its hanging green thingies...

Sam did some of the flowers and some of the design at the reception, too...but you'll have to come back tomorrow to see all that!

Vow that you will?!


whitney said...

Love the "new" blog! Love you! Loved the wedding weekend!

Sweet Tea and Biscuits said...

like my dream wedding girl! I love , love the mason jars with the flowers and the monogram runner. Seriously this far exceeds all the ones that I was looking at on southern wedding site. They need to put your weeding on there for sure. The little robes are adorable. Thanks for joining in on the sips of the south. See ya next week


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