Friday, February 5, 2010

Beauty Tips {Show Us Your Life}

This week's Show Us Your Life topic is beauty tips...and next to gossip, it's the most fun thing to share amongst girls!  I am hardly an expert in beauty, but I did learn a few tricks in my TV days, and I've always had farely healthy skin and hair. Here are a a few products that I think will enhance your face and tame your frizzies!

Fake Eye Lashes

As long as your smile isn't fake, it's ok if your lashes are.

I started wearing fake lashes when I worked in television, but added them back into my primping rotation (for special occasions - not daily to work!) just last year. Check out the picture above - you can tell a HUGE difference in the fake lashed eye, can't you? You can find natural looking ones at a drug store, but MAC makes really good ones that last for several wears if cared for properly (and by properly I mean digging them out of your handbag after ripping them off in the car following a night on the town, washing them the next morning and putting them back in the case). When you buy them, have the make-up artist at the counter cut them to fit your eyes. If I have a big event, I always try to go by a make-up counter and get my eyes done (if you live in the DC-area, Regina at the Pentagon City Nordstrom is amazing!! ). However, with a little practice, putting on your lashes by yourself will become as easy as texting and driving....(I kid!!).

Mary Kay Skin Care
If Reese Witherspoon has an Avon Lady, then you can have a Mary Kay Consultant. I adore mine!

I've used a lot of expensive deparment store brands, but my all-time favorite cleanser, moisturizer, mask and night-cream comes from Mary Kay. It may not be the most trendy brand, but I love the way it works for me. Back in the day, I could use the night cream a few times in a row and not even need to wear make-up it made my skin so plump and glowly. It takes a bit more maintenance(and concealer, and wishes for low lighting) now that I'm in my 30's, but still...I heart it more than anything else I've ever used.

Teeth Bleach

You can spend a ton of money on professoinal bleaching, and even on whitening strips at a drug store. I've done both... What works just as well (especially if you have your own bleaching tray) is Plus White, which I buy at Wal-Mart for less than $5. It doesn't make my gums burn or my teeth sensitive as some bleaches can do. It never fails...I can go weeks without using it, and then when I do, someone alwyas says, You have the whitest teeth!

Purelogy Nanoworks Shampoo & Conditioner

If you buy your teeth bleach at Wal-mart, you can then afford this shampoo at a salon. You just might not be able to afford groceries.  Pureology is not cheap, but it is SO worth the splurge. I had been a Pantene girl for as long as I can recall til my mom bought (and still buys) me Purelogy. I used it, and I've never gone back...I can absolutely tell a difference in my hair if I use another kind of shampoo - it's more frizzy, has less body, and makes my highlights fade (you know..the natural ones I get from the sun...).

The blogs are alll a buzz with women sharing beauty tips this week. It's like we all think we're going to get a last minute invite to the Oscars or something....?  I'd love to hear yours!

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Denise Burks said...

I always buy my girls Purology, too!

JC (age 29)
Lizzy (age 20)
Randi (age 11)

We all love it! I love your glamourous and practical mind!


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