Monday, January 4, 2010

The Game

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I can stand losing. I really can.  It's Chloe for whom I feel the most sorry....another year sporting that drab maroon collar. She is devastated.

As a fellow hound dog, she was pulling for Smokey!

In case you don't follow sports (or this blog...) my alma mater, Tennessee, faced off against Virginia Tech, where Mr. W went to college, in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl on New Year's Eve. It's rare that these schools play each other, so off we went to Atlanta.

Everyone was smiles pre-game...

During the game, howevs, only Mr. Dubs was happy...

My cousin, Kim, gave up on the Vols, and tried a cross-word puzzle, instead. Yep...the game was that bad!

Mr. W and I stayed with Kim and her husband, Gerard who live in Atlanta. They're UT alumni, too. 

My Hokie husband was out-numbered, until he caught up with his friends Matt and Nicole....

Baby Gokey came, too! His mom is president of the UT Alumni Association in Atlanta. By the time he's born, the Vols will have it together.

The final score: Tennessee 14 Virginia Tech 34 

Chloe: Still in her old necklace...

Not everyone looks this good in maroon

...hoping the new year will bring her some new accessories.

Eat More Hokie!

Me and Mr. Dubs? I think we'll get through this.....

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