Friday, January 1, 2010

Declaring Resolutions

Happy New Year!

By the time this publishes, we'll know the answer to the most pressing question of 2010...What collar will Chloe wear??  But there are other important matters, too - resolutions. I know resolutions are cliche (especially my #1) but I LOVE New Year's Day, I love fresh starts. I'm excited and ready for the start of this new year, this new decade where I will:

1. I resolve in 2010 not to meet 2011 with a resoltion of losing weight.

Do you know someone who you see one day and she looks fit and sassy, only to see her just months later and she's a little piggy? Well, you do now....because I'm SO that girl. And I'm so tired of being that girl.  It's not that I think there's some mystery around this reality - I know what causes these inconsistencies in my waisteline! I just need - and want - to get in under control, because I'm so tired of meeting the end of each year feeling like a heiffer. I'm sure you'll be hearing more about this as the weeks progress...if I get wildly brave, I may even post Before and After pictures, Biggest Loser style!

2. In spite of #1, I want to learn to make home-made dumplings

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I love chicken and dumplings (mostly the dumplings part!), but I've never, ever made them on my own. Now that I live an hour in every direction from a Cracker Barrel, this is a dish I'd like to master.

3. I want to start a supper club.

I've been entertaining this idea for a while. It really started to fester once I moved up to Canada the 'burbs, far away from all my friends with whom I lived near-communal style as a city girl. We'd have Sunday dinners, holiday dinner was really fantastic. I have four friends in the burbs: two are married to each other, one is married to me, and the other has four legs and especially smelly ears.

I still have a core group of besties spread all over the DC metro area, and we have regular dates, but I don't see a lot of the women I've come to know through years in Washington. When I do, I always wish I saw them if I start a little club, all these really intersting, smart, talented girls I know will have to hang out with me AT LEAST once monthly....and I will also get to steal their recipes.

Is it wierd that all my resolutions revolve around food???

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