Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Face the Facts

Years ago, before I became a heifer, I was a tv news reporter. When people learn that about me today, I always fear their first thought is not, Wow...that's a neat job to have had, but instead, You're way too chunky to have been on television.

The first time I noticed that I was packing on the pounds was when I came face to face with myself on the news - and I knew that extra cheekiness was not just from too much MAC. Through the years, I always gauge the level of my chubby or skinny by how my face looks in pictures...not that I can't tell in my clothes, mind you, I just know it's time to start eating more salads when a picture starts being worth a 1000 pounds!  Faces, just like rear ends and tummies, look TOTALLY different depending on one's weight.

You certainly don't need me to tell you this. Howevs, I'm telling myself - a visual learner- through the collage above as a strong reminder to face this fact: a healthy face is a prettier face.

Those pictures, instead of reminding me of the happy moments when each was captured, tell the story of the Lose weight/Gain weight lifestyle I've maintained lately. It's unhealthy, it's frustrating, it's unflattering....and it makes shopping (and being photograped) SO unfun. The most recent shot, in the orange, was snapped just days ago....and is why, compared to the black and white photo taken during a recent year when I was running sprint triathalons, I am aiming to be Thin in 2010!


Angela said...

Well, I dont think you look like a heifer in any of the pictures! But, like you mentioned, the VERY FIRST place I always gain/lose weight is in my face. Its like I can feel that my face is getting bigger and I need to get on the treadmill haha.. Good luck with your 2010 goals!

S.E.H. said...

I think you are beautiful, we will both be on this journey together!

Tara said...

You sound so happy in your posts and love your guy...Happy and full life is better than skinny!


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