Monday, January 18, 2010

A Baby Shower {Cravings Theme}


Check. And they were fried. Double check.

Ice Cream?


That's all one really needs for a Cravings-themed baby shower! BUT...because Cassie has been my best friend since sophmore year (of high school...)

I thought it nice to step it up just a tad bit more!

The Mom-to-Be with her mom

The obligatory diaper cake - not as easy as it looks to create

Champers and Mims!

Sparkling Grape Juice for Cas!

A glue gun and some ribbons make even water bottles super cute!

We missed Aunt Melanie, but know she'll share all her courtside NBA knowledge with BG very soon!

Cassie's mom owns a sweet little antique shop in the downtown of the place where we all grew up, so I had the perfect venue for hosting.

I also got to borrow some of her merchandise for displaying the food and this plant stand I turned into a super-sized cake plate.

There was a cake for Mom, Dad and Baby, all in different flavors!

An ice-cream cone was featured on the invite, and I played up a "SCOOP" angle throughout the shower with non-game activities for guests like Give Cassie the SCOOP on Motherhood; guests left notes to her, and to the baby. So, with such a focus on ice-cream,  there had to be a sundae bar...

Baby G's Aunt Amanda was a big fan!

And guests were given their own scoop as a favor.

How'd the Mama make out?? Well, like a bandit!

I still can't believe Cas is having a baby!!!


Cassie said...

I can't believe i'm having a baby either! Thanks again for my over the top cravings shower. As usual, you thought of things even the best of party throwers wouldn't! BG has the best Aunt & can't wait to spend weekends in MD!

Anne said...

I think (no, I KNOW) this is the cutest baby shower theme ever! Aunt Patra is a party planning genius. Congratulations Cassie!!!!

BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

Oh my gosh! I love all of your party planning ideas!
I taking notes for the day my son gets married and we're blessed with a grandchild!


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