Friday, January 15, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Weight Loss Tips, Diets, Workout Ideas

I think I'm the last person to put myself into Kelly's Korner, a very popular blog written by an Arkansas wife and mom. Kelly has more followers and friends than anyone in all of Blogland...probably because she seems so genuine (though the cute pictures she shares of her daughter, Harper, probably do not hurt her web traffic...).

Each Friday, Kelly hosts a blog event called Show Us Your Life. Since I'm a/A curious watcher of people, be them stranger or friend, in the real world as well as the wide web one and b/Know the rest of y'all are, too,  I'm going to feed everyone's nosey monster (while nourishing my own) and particpate.

Here's how it's going to work: Every week there's a fun topic, and bloggers indulge readers with the details of their world - everything from what kind of china pattern one has to sharing one's favorite charity. It's a great way to discover new bloggers, and to learn the tips and trades of sassy girls everywhere!

Today's Topic - Weight loss tips, Diets & Workout Ideas. Since the start of this new year this topic has BEEN my life, and I am hoping with an old plan and some new tricks, I will have weight-loss in the bag!

As I have done before when I want to trim down, I'm following the Weight Watchers Points plan. Every food has a Points value, and every dieter has a total number of Points, based on one's weight, that can be consumed in a day. You get a little calculator to help determine a food's value.

There are some caveats - you can bank Points, earn Points through exercise, etc - but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty simple...even for someone like me who is terrible with numbers!

I have counted Points as a pointed way to lose weight twice, and with great success - 13 and 17 pounds lost respectively. Ironically, that is the combined amount of weight I want to lose this go-round: 30 pounds. When I did the math and realized I had already lost 30 pounds, just not in succession, that was VERY frustrating!  

Bottom line for your waistline: If you stay within your Points, you're going to lose some weight. The hardest part of this effort is not giving up ice cream; Weight Watchers makes some yummy treats.

The challenge with this, and all elements of healthy living, is planning ahead and making good choices a priority. That is why my pantry and fridge are full of plastic bags.

Before I put away my groceries, I divide everything I can into an individual serving - my own version of the 100 Calorie Pack!

Not only do I know the Points value for each bag, but the bags are conveniently at hand for me as I dash out the door for work (no excuse for ordering take-out with the office because I didn't have time to pack a lunch) or if I want a quick snack. 

It makes eating right as easy as...

 Also...I started another blog, The Red Dress Report, to track my journey - the successes and the struggles. Sometimes when something is in black and white (and red!) it's easier to stay focused. I'm also hoping that confessing my weight each week gives me a freakish feeling of accountability....

Next week's Show Us Your Life topic - Favorite Shopping Spot

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