Thursday, January 14, 2010

Coming Soon - A Cravings Baby Shower

Names and information concealed to protect the innocent and deter party crashers

This weekend, I'm heading BACK to Tennessee.  I'm hosting a baby shower for my best friend Cassie! It's a cravings theme, which I think is so fun! The menu of all the foods this mom-to-be has been craving during her pregnancy puts traditional, frilly shower food to shame. I'm still debating on TUMS as party favors...

Don't you just love the invitation? My friend Margaret Goodin at GoodInvites helped me design it. Marg is an architecht by trade, but creates party invites and other pretty papers on the side. I keep telling her she needs to expand by getting a blog, an esty account or even a website. Until that happens, I like that she's exclusive to just a few, and I'm happy to count myself among her clients!

Check back next week for details, recipes and pictures from the shower!


Sarah said...

I think most of the crashers live in the DC area....pretty close to the White House, don't they? Have fun at the shower. I know you won't have time this trip, let's get together when you come in sometime.

Virginia said...

The menu sounds wonderful and I am not even preggers! Love the invite!

susan said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and knew when I read the title that I had to come visit! What a cute idea for a baby shower theme--the food should be very interesting. You are a good friend to come back for this shower. Hope I get to see the pictures! I enjoyed my visit! ps-I'm a TN girl too!


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