Monday, November 19, 2012

a free treat!

The Christmas card I sent out last year was a little cheeky, and I was worried that certain people (think Grandma) on my list wouldn't quite understand it. If only I'd known then about Treat, Shutterfly's new custom greeting card site, I could have whipped up something personal and special. 

Treat is perfect this Christmas if you don't have the budget to bulk order a ton of photo cards, but still want to send your nearest and dearest a greeting. Or, if you want be sensitive to certain friends on your card list, a Treat card would be special alternative. Maybe your friend who is in the middle of a divorce shouldn't get your card with your wedding photo displayed. Instead, create something personal and festive just for her. 

Not just for holidays, Treat will come in especially handy when you're searching for a birthday card or a  note of congratulations for friends and family that require a little something more than a grocery store greeting card. As a super card nerd, I'm pretty excited about this new site where you can make and send one-a-kind cards without even having to lick a stamp!

To celebrate the launch of Treat, I Do Declare readers will receive a FREE card today (11.19) and tomorrow (11.20). Create and send a greeting to someone you're thankful for this week...just because you can. (enter the code TREATBLOGR at checkout)

Who will get the Treat card you make today? 


Tricia said...

I've never heard of this, but love it already! I might use this site for the x-mas cards I send out from our dogs to the other dogs in the neighborhood. So cute!! Thanks for posting, and for the discount code. :)

Dayngr said...

I'm trying Shutterfly this year for my holiday cards & labels. Can't wait!


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