Tuesday, December 4, 2012

jenni for the {royal} win

If you've been reading I Do Declare for a while you may recall I had a little royal wager with my friend Jenni on when Kate + William might become Mom + Dad. I was sure it would be within a year of their royal nupts. Jenni knew better; she said later rather than sooner. On the line with this bet was a pricey bottle of bubbly. I paid up back in the summer.

We should have saved the Veuve for yesterday's  big announcement.  Instead, in the spirit of Catherine's pending reign into the mommyhood, I'll announce the winner of my Secrets of The Mommyhood give-away. It's Jessica Mesnick, whose fave TV mom is....Miranda from Sex and the City. Yay!


MCW said...

Yayee for you winning. I will admit that I really am not into the royals.

I Do Declare said...

No...I lost! But at least I got to drink some of the good champers!

Emily said...

I'd take any excuse to drink champagne...I might start using that as what I wager (as long as I'm guaranteed to win). Hope you're having a great week. oxo

Heather said...

Yeah, that's a win-win bet. I was just saying to the hubs last night that I have sold 4 books in the UK. What if??? Yeah, I know. FAT chance of that. So then there was some discussion with my Mommyhood peeps on the best way to get a book to a royal. Let me know if you have any thoughts!

Thanks again for doing the review and giveaway. I appreciate your support.
PS - I keep checking Dee's Adventures to see if Shelby has arrived. Thanks for connecting me to her. She's great.

Leigh Powell Hines said...

Happy Holidays! I feel sorry for Kate's sickness though. That's got to be rough. I thought later, too.


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