Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New York Weekend

Over Presidents' Day weekend, I blew into New York - literally - after my Bolt bus ride from Baltimore; the wind was WILD all weekend, snowy + cold.

I met up with my cousins, Kim + her daughter Mary-Kate, who flew in from Atlanta to celebrate MK's 10th birthady. I was lucky they invited me to tag along for a fun girls' weekend!

We stayed at the Waldorf....

After my economy travels on the bus, nothing was more delightful than having the doorman at the hotel take my bag from the taxi, hand me a check slip and tell me he'd take care of my luggage 'til I was checked in and could send for it.

I loved this hotel. The service was impeccable. My favorite thing about it??  In the bathroom, the shower knobs are located on the opposite end of the shower head in the tub. That means you don't have to risk getting your hair wet while adjusting your water temp, and for someone who isn't a daily hairwasher like me, it's the greatest. If I ever build a house, I will surely replicate!

Save for a little room service....
...we didn't spend lots of time in our room.

Because it was MK's first trip to NY, Kim had planned a serious agenda before our arrival that included, among other things, the Empire State building, a Broadway show (we saw The Lion King - tickets to Wicked were wicked - like $325!! - expensive!) a boat tour that inlcuded the Statue of Liberty, and dining at Jekyll + Hyde Club. Kim was rigid to her agenda...

Our first stop was Times Square, where we popped in a boutique for a quick ear-piercing for the birthday girl.

Now if you were 10, wouldn't you think it the neatest thing to get to go to New York to get your ears peirced? I sure would!

We also took tea at the American Girl Place.  Confession - I loved it.

I loved the very sweet finger foods....

I loved the conversation box with questions to spark the most intellectual girl talk.

I loved the napkin holder/ponytail holder/party favor.

I want to open a tea room in some tiny town and welcome mothers and daughters and lovely ladies who lunch to tea. Dreams are born in New York, and this is now mine.

Did I mention it was COLD during our trip?? It was.

Still, we soldiered on like good tourists, taking a carriage ride through Central Park....

..and a boat ride along the Hudson to see Lady Liberty.


On our last day, we popped over to Serendipity, but the wait was nearly two hours. I had to Bolt back home, catching a mid-afternoon bus, but Kim and MK had a later flight so they stuck around....

long enough to be seated at THE table from THE movie, and of course, get some frozen hot chocolate...

Before this visit, I hadn't been to Manhattan in years. Now, I can't wait to go back again...when it's warm!

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Dee Stephens said...

Fun! I'm ready to make a trip myself!


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