Thursday, February 24, 2011

If Trump Won't Chopper You, Take the Bolt Bus

I'm back from my long (cold, windy, snowy) weekend in New York. I'll likely post about the trip next week. I know how much you love to see pictures of other peoples' vacations, afterall....HA!

I traveled from Baltimore to Manhattan by bus - the Bolt Bus.

Now, let me tell you real quick about it. For the low price of $32 round trip,  it cannot be beat. The buses run on schedule like clock work. I admit that, for years, when all my friends were hopping buses for weekends in NYC I was a tad snobby about it, mostly because I'd never taken a bus anywhere, and I had visions of dirty Greyhounds with strange passengers, as seen in movies. Then I read in People magazine that former First daugther Barbara Bush loved the bus, so I assumed it couldn't be that bad. It wasn't - it was clean, quiet and comfortable.

The only downfall is you're dropped at the corner of 33rd & 7th street. When I say dropped, I mean, you unload right on a busy, crowded New York that happens to be very near both Penn Station + Madison Square Garden.  

Getting a cab can be a challenge, as can wrangling your bag amonst other riders, tourists + anyone else that happens to be on the street. Likewise, when you try to find your bus for your return trip (you catch the bus home at the same place!) there is little to denote where you should go, and the workers are not at all friendly or helpful. Thankfully, the veteran Bolt passengers were, and I was able to get on the right coach to come home.

I was on the road no more than four hours, from NYC to my front door. I will totally Bolt bus again!

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Tricia said...

Thanks for posting about the bus. I'm excited to give this a try. Maybe a nice surprise weekend w/the hubby, and not break the bank with a train ticket. Glad you had fun!


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