Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cajun Style Cooking...Tourist Style Eatin'

Everyone has different agendas when on vacation. Some travelers have to take in every historic sight. Others just like to live like the locals. There is no denying that when the Dubs and I are on the road, a top prioritiy of ours is the locals at all the oldest restaraunts.

So, when we had just 36 hours in New Orleans, a town filled with decadent dining experiences (and streets where you're allowed to stroll with a cocktail in hand...)

Divide + Conquer: While I wait in line at Cafe Du Monde, Mr W goes for drinks

it took Amazing Race-style strategy to fit in all the tastes we'd hoped to sample...

..while still being able to stomach a ride on our hotel bar's carousel.

Sip and Spin
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When we weren't out roaming the streets, by foot or by carriage, or browsing in the most amazing antique and jewelry shops (my only Louisiana Purchase was a pair of $4 earrings!) we were dining at at the places most recommended by friends.

We had a great dinner at Antoines, one of the city's oldest dining rooms, a yummy lunch at NOLA, one of Emeril's restaurants, and of course, beignets at the famed Cafe Du Monde...

...where a street musician serenaded all the tourists wearing orange to the trumpet tunes of Rocky Top.

Though we did stop short of the Hard Rock Cafe, we might have rocked it like a hurricane at Pat O'Briens...

This was my first trip to New Orleans, seeing as how in college my mother threatened me with the ceasing of tutition funds should I ever find myself on Bourbon Street...especially during Mardi Gras.  I'm not saying I'm going to adopt a baby from the town, or establish a neighborhood of energy efficent homes, but...all-in-all, I was a big fan of the Big Easy!


Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

i'm seriously squealing for joy over this post! it soothes my broken heart of our win/loss to those tigers! and i'm glad you picked up your signature travel earrings! what a wonderful time you all must have jealous! i wonder if i went back and counted how many times i've said i was jealous of something fun you did on here, it might be alot! sorry for committing the sin of coveting but i can't help myself! you live a fabulous life! love you girlie!

Anne S said...

This makes me so, SO hungry (as you and Mr. W witnessed, this girl can EAT). I'm so glad you enjoyed your first trip to the Big Easy!!

Shannon said...

I still can't believe y'all were just two short hours away from us! New Orleans has the best food!

Oh and the Gators play LSU this Saturday. Hopefully we'll fare better than we did against upsetting! You look so cute in all your pics and I agree, they all made me SUPER hungry.

{Oh and I fixed your font title size, so your titles would fit better---but didn't have to log in to do it.}

Take care and have a great weekend. Feeling better so hope to be back to the blogging world soon!


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