Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Louisiana Saturday Night

I spent a long weekend last week in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Mr. W and I stole some time in the French Quarter eating our faces off (more on that tomorrow!) and then we caught up with Anne + Michael who (like nearly everyone else I know) recently moved from D.C. back down to Dixie. 

All these exiled friends make for a good excuse to travel, but bad for life in general, because, well, I miss them and want them here with me. But I digress...

Saturday found us tailgating before the now ill-fated (for the Vols) UT- LSU game.

You know I love a tailgate with custom cups!

Michael is an LSU alum. I'm a UT alum. Cleary, it was war.

Actually, that's not true at all. In fact, despite all the horror stories I'd heard about how snarky LSU fans are to visitors, I'm glad to say those Tigers were just as friendly as could be...and some of the livliest fans I've ever seen!

Even after we won the game. Before we lost it.

The first final score. The final final score was not as favorable for Tennessee

No matter how the score (or the number of players on the field) added up, it did not reflect a very important detail of what went down at Death Valley: Jambalaya being sold at the concession stands....

Top that, Smokey Dogs!

From cocktails to kick-off to...the heartbreaking loss, it was a day of college football that made me miss the South so,so much. I just loved watching Anne, my transplated Pittsburgh pal, float around the bayou like she's always been a Southern belle!

80 degree heat + seats in the sun +  8 months pregant = Steel Magnolia

Away games are really so fun. I hadn't gone to one in a long, long time, and had forgotten how amusing it is to take in the traditions of another school. Second best to being at the game is seeing fans in the airport sporting their team colors. Fly through the ATL on a Fall Sunday, and you'll see everyone in the SEC represented. It's awesome.

Alas, once back in the Maryland 'burbs (just below the Mason-Dason line) it was time for the true love of the Mid-Atlantic region: The NFL.

Anne cheers for the Steelers. Mr. W cheers for the Ravens. By the end of the weekend we were 1-1 in the Wro-Sav Bowl Weekend, a good place to be as we plan next year's Tiger-Vol reunion in Knoxville!  



Anonymous said...

Ha! Anne is such a trooper! It looks like you guys had wonderful visit!

Sarah Beth - Dixie Gator Gal said...

I do like the jambalya in Death Valley, but y'all have some awesome BBQ Nachos in Neyland - and smoked turkey legs if I recall. Sorry for the difficult loss. That was a crazy game. I can't imagine what it would have felt like to be there.

Anne S said...

I love this!!! What a fun weekend. You got such good pics! We already can't stop talking about our Rocky Top Mountain Hideaway plans for next year.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Patra, Bravo! Well said. We cannot wait for LSU v. TENN 2011! We'll miss you dearly till then:(


Dee Stephens said...

Just saw this. We'll be rocking it out in Knoxville come October!


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