Thursday, September 2, 2010

There's Something About Mary

I'd like to introduce you to my friend Mary....

Mary and the Next Blogspot Network Star, Beaufort

Though in her new blog she calls herself the Belle from Hell, she is a God-send of a heavenly friend to me, and has been since the first night I met her.

It all happened one D.C. evening at a rooftop cocktail party in the days following September 11, 2001.  I was new to the city, and along with another college friend of mine who'd also just moved to Washington, had set out  for some D.C. nightlife in hopes of rubbing elbows with Ari Fleischer (all politicos out there will know who I mean, otherwise, you're pretty correct to be asking yourself, Who? and more importantly, Why? Answer to both: I was 24).

Patriotism filled the air. The bar was open. Long story short: I didn't meet Ari, but I did meet Mary.

After trading stories about growing up Southern and one close encounter with the Ladies Room floor at Old Ebbitt Grill, my friendship with Mary was cemented. Or should I say...porcelained??? 

Mary's been keeping me on my feet ever since!

A friendship born at The Winter Home - P, M and C

I often call Mary's fabulous townhome my Winter Home. I escape there when I need to re-energize and/or de-estrogen. The Winter Home is welcoming, bright and warm.  It's a place where I pop open champers without asking, eat Ben & Jerry's straight from the tub, and am known by name by pizza delivery boys.

Mr. B in "my chair" at The Winter Home

Through the years I've invited tons of people to the Winter Home (including Carrie, a then stranger but now bestie of Mary's, on her very first night in DC) and Mary has always opened her door to anyone I could drag all the way to the Maryland 'burbs (even before I became a 'burabanite myself). My bachelorette party was even held at the WH.

If I've never invited you to the Winter Home, I invite you to Mary's blog where she'll extend a peak at her lime-colored life. I suspect you'll discover why I find her so loyal, empathetic, charming, clever...and obviously well-accessorized.

Mary with Jocelyn, Carrie...and her necklace.

Happy Reading!


Whitney and the Preppy Puppy said...

I will be sure to check out Mary's blog.
P.S. I used to think Ari was hot. ;-)

AnnieLaurie said...

I have been to the WH! Loved that one time I got to go :-) Pretty sure I went to the store in my PJS to restock on Champers. Good times. Excited to read Mary's blog! Love the title very clever!

Mary said...

OMG - I got a feature article in I Do Declare! I am so honored - most of all to have such a loyal, sassy and amazing friend like Patra! Not to mention honored by every one of the fabulous women, and men, that she's brought all the way out to my house. Thanks for the shout out and so excited to have y'all on my blog. luv, luv!


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