Friday, September 24, 2010

A Fran-niversary Football Weekend

Sunday will mark Mr W's and my one year wedding annivesary!

Are you ready for the romantical plans we have????


On one year to the date that I promised to love, honor and cherish Mr. W forever and ever, he will be loving, honoring and cheering for....

the Baltimore Ravens.

What can I say, he did commit to season tickets well before he committed to our marriage.

I'd actually hoped to spend our anniversary weekend back at the Marriott Ranch where we celebrated our reception, but - shocker - it was booked for a wedding. When that couldn't happen, I decided to practice selflessness and told Mr. W that if he really wanted to abandon me go to the Ravens' home opener on our first annivesary I wouldn't mind.

Most of my friends, who know how I like to make a big deal out of special occassions, were shocked. They couldn't believe I let the Dubs off so easily....and that the always thoughtful, loyal and loving Mister woud bite the apple....


My husband adores his gamedays and it gives me such satisfaction to see him leave the house with coolers full of beer, dressed in another man's jersey, to go spend our money on over-priced parking and concessions. His joy is my joy.

And really, what better gift, in return, am I giving myself than being able to play the You Went To a Ravens Game on Our First Wedding Anniverasary card til death do us part? 

Have fun, Honers.

The truth is, we've already been recognizing this one year mark. We've popped open a bottle of wine we brought back from our honeymoon, and had been saving for our anniversary. Last night I came home to flowers. And, we're heading out soon on a little trip to the Big Easy - part anniversary, part reunion with Anne + Michael (and Baby Luke) and part UT-LSU game. I have no doubt that Mr W will, despite his allegiance to the Ravens, continue to make this a memorable milestone. Because I like to stretch celebrations to maximize full indulging opportunties (Birthday Week, anyone?), and he knows it.

Meanwhile, we'll also be celebrating my friend Fran's 30th birthday this weekend with a sassy dinner party on Capitol Hill. She's prego, and I haven't seen her in weeks, but rumor has it she is adorable all bellied out!

Unlike in this picture, taken years ago, I'm also now bellied out, but just not pregnant. And not at all adorable. So as a gift to Fran and a favor to all her guests, I will wear 4 pairs of Spanx to her party.

What are you doing this weekend?

Happy Friday, Friends!


Whitney and the Preppy Puppy said...

Happy Birthday, P and Mr. Dubs! It sounds like you've had a great anniversary week. xo xo

That's What She Said... (No, Really!) said...

Happy early anniversary celebration! You are a good wife for letting D off the hook... However, I, like you, would be pulling that whole "I let you go to the Ravens game on our 1 year anniversary" card for years... and years.. and years.. :)


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