Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Candy Corn and Other Sweet Nothings

My brain is like candy corn this week.....

Every thought I have is a empty kernel of sweet nothing. Perhaps it's because tomorrow is the first day of Fall??? And Fall is my favorite season??? And this week the Fall line-up is debuting on telelvision??  And, I ate a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie this week.


I will soon debut a fun new blog design.

I might wear boots this weekend to a dinner party.

I want my Fall/Winter bag to be gray.

I am BFF with one of the stars of the Texas-sized drama on Fox called Lone Star.

In a matter of days I will be eating beignets.

This weekend will mark my one year wedding anniversary!


I am not best friends with David Keith, who plays the con-artist dad to the con-artist son on Lone Star.

But I did meet him once at a fundraiser.

Like me, David Keith is a native of East Tennessee and a UT grad. He loves the Vols, so much that support has become folklore between my friend Cassie and me. If watching a Tennessee game, especially on television, and we spy DK down on the sidelines, the Vols will win. DK has never let us down.


Cherish @ Southern Soulmates said...

GO VOLS! I really thought they might beat Florida on Saturday-they hung in there for a while :( Have a blessed day! xoxo

Anne S said...

Great, now I have to go buy candy corn. Again. I love the stuff too much. Can we recreate the candy bar from your wedding?

You are going to be here so soon - we will definitely get beignets!

Happy one year! I loved your wedding. I still laugh at when I thought that your florist painted pumpkins white - I had NO idea that they naturally occurred in nature. They were so fancy and fabulous!

Shannon said...

So fun! You get to meet such neat and interesting people! Take a pic of those boots too girl, I'm such a fan of Fall clothes and footwear! Did you watch LoneStar this week? We caught about half of it, very intriguing! Hope you have a good weekend! I'll be in touch about the lil' project I've been working on! :)

Oh and Happy Anniversary!

MrsMatched said...

Whoo Hoo! Another VOLS fan! I'm so excited to find others like us in the blogging world.

Happy one year anniversary! May you have a lifetime filled with special memories together!


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