Monday, February 22, 2010

Fluer de Leaving {A Farewell Dinner}

It is with much bittersweetness that Mr. Dubs and I joined our friends Carrie and Chris in bidding adieu to Anne and Michael.

Over yummy food and drinks this weekend, we shared another night in the 'burbs together before Anne and MIchael's moving trucks arrive later this route to Baton Rouge.

You may remember Anne and Michael's recent (and very fabulous) wedding. I knew when Anne married a New Orleans native she wouldn't be long for the District...I just didn't expect she and her Saint to go marching out so soon!

Anne made us the most amazing cajun pasta dish, proving she will fit in just fine with those fantastic Louisiana cooks! She promises to share the recipe; for now all I have is this delicous looking photo...

I made cheesecake - if by "made" you mean bought them frozen at the Giant, opened a box, poured out some caramel sauce and put them on a pretty tray. 

I know Anne is hoping the new friends she will make in Baton Rouge will offer more impressive desserts when invited to dinner...

For hours we talked and laughed...and toasted all the fun times we've shared.

Anne and I are former co-workers, but we've always been better friends than colleagues, and have made some fantastic memories here in Washington.
Anne and Michael's wedding

Anne has a carefree and whimsical spirit....she makes you want to dance.
Celebrating my 29th birthday

She makes it ok to break the, say, taking a sauna during the workday in the company gym. And photographing it... 
Life/Work balance at its best

Oh, Anne...I hope you find friends in Louisiana who'll dress the part when they go to see hair bands....

or at least hold your concert signage....

Are there wineries in Baton Rouge? If fields of grapes don't bring the Arnolds for a visit, a college football field will...
My friends at the winery with out me....but I'm not a sour grape about it
There will be plenty of girls who will dress in all white with you and eat BBQ. In pearls.

As you know, near the Bayou people embrace red beans and rice. Red glasses and headbands?

Anne circa 3rd grade

Well, if they don't love that combo, know it is always welcome in Washington. You and Michael will absolutely be missed!


AnnieLaurie said...

This was such a sweet tribute! You too had some fun times! I am sad that I didn't get to know Anne before she flew south! Looks like good time were had by all. Great pics and great post!

Anne S said...

I love you, Comma!! This made me cry. What a fun memento of our night. I can't wait for you and Mr. W to visit - WHEN (not if) it happens. Miss you big already.

Meg said...

looks like some great times!

Miss Janice said...

Love your 'Fleur de Leaving' for your friend! I'm also loving those fleur de lis serving pieces:)

Virginia said...

Anne-I too collect fleur de lis, loved the pin on your dress and the cufflinks. Food looked awesome and I loved the pictures of you and P!! Your wedding picture looked like y'll were royalty-awesome picture of everyone and what a unique background!!
Can't stop laughing at your 3rd grade picture & the one of y'all at the spa!


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