Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines in [Suburban] Paris

Mr. W and I celebrated Valentines in Paris....if by Paris you mean Cafe  de Paris, a fantastic little French place in our neighborhood - one of just a handful of non-chain restaurants where we live.  

The food is so good, you hardly notice the Giant across the street. You forget that Cafe shares a building with a Wacovia bank.

We had planned a trip, as we do every Valentines weekend, to Italy - Little Italy, in Baltimore - but figured that the towering piles of snow hanging around city streets would make parking (and walking) a tad undesirable.  Though especially inconveneint in cold winters, cities are very romantic.  Cities are mysterious and exciting...And the suburbs? Well, few thrills are born in a planned community.

Still, Paris is just as romantic as Italy....I'm guessing.

My Paris knowledge is limited to a very long layover at Charles De Gauelle airport and the closests I've come to Italy is the zillions of conversations Mr W and I have had about wanting to travel there. In fact, overheard at Valentine's dinner was: One more Europe trip and maybe we can have a baby? With priorities like that, we're going to be great parents.....

We lingered over wine and dessert, enjoying a flutist and a piano player...

The Piano Man even played Piano Man, a tune that has become one of our songs. Here's Mr. Dubs swaying and singing along....

After a perfectly relaxing and even romantic night in suburbia, I made yet another mental slash in the Reasons the Burbs Aren't So Bad Column in my head, then crossed my heart to have a better attitude about where I live.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time! Happy Belated Valentine's Day!


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