Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mr. W's Birthday Cake

For the record, I'm no Bakerella. Baking requires patience and fine attention to detail. I lack these virtues, both in and out of the kitchen. Still....this monster of a confection - the Cheesecake Stuffed Double Chocolate Cake - has haunted me for years. The birthday of my cheesecake-loving husband was just the the justification I needed to finally make it.

If you try this at home, wear an apron. I gets messy.

Though a Southern Living recipe, it could have easily come from Sandra Lee as this cake is only semi-homemade.

But the chopping and the cutting...

...the whipping of the frosting (I don't like to cheat on frosting, so I made it from scratch)and the stacking of the layers....

and the icing....oh, the icing. I'm a terrible icer.

This cake takes FOREVER to make. And's SO rich it's not even that good. It sure is pretty, though....

and is perfect - at least on the outside - for special occasions....

With all the cheesecake and toppings and the long list of ingredients, it's not a cheap cake to make.  Time consuming + SUPER sweet + pricey = 3 strikes for the covergirl of the 2007 Christmas with Southern Living book.

Mr Dubs, however, loved I guess that's all that mattered. When asked if he'd like this cake to be made every year for his birthday, he answered yes. While flattered, don't think I won't be calling a bakery next year.

Here's the recipe if you dare!


Anne said...

That is one gorgeous cake! Love your apron.

Brittany said...

That seems like it took forever! I hope your hubby appreciated it :-)


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