Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow My Goodness! {A Snow Cream Recipe}

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Since I spent all of my childhood in East Tennessee, I didn't see too many large snows. A dusting here, a few inches there. A random powder dump in April. 

I grew up hearing about snow cream, but never trying any.  Tennessee snows were/are rarely deep enough to get "clean" snow for eating, and my mom isn't one for experimenting in the kitchen anyway...much less with ingredients scraped off cars and porches. After drooling over several different snow cream recipes from other bloggers this winter, when my patio looked like this...

I decided it was time for me to whip up some snow cream of my own. And oh, am I glad I did!!

I went with the recipe from Libby at Twirl and Taste for two reasons:
1. When you arrive on her blog, Elvis sings "Dixieland"
2. Her snow cream recipe calls for Eagle Brand Milk. That stuff is like nectar from the gods...even mixed with acid rain it'd be tastey, so surely with the pure white snow it'd be yum??

I'm here, still trapped in 2-plus feet of snow (and waiting on 8-16inches more)to tell you that, IT IS!

A bowl of snow, topped with a can of Eagle Brand Milk and a little dash of vanilla...pure bliss. It tastes just like homemade ice cream. It is SO GOOD! If you leave me your address, I'll pack some snow on dry ice and mail it to you so that you can make your very own.

I'm kidding...but the next time it snows where you live, you must make this recipe, and no other.


Laura said...

Would it be cheating to pour Eagle Brand over crushed ice from the store?
This sounds so good.

It's in the 70's here.


Anne said...

Ok, I grew up with a lot of snow and I have NEVER heard of this!!! Wow. If only I kept condensed milk in the pantry... I don't because I would eat the whole can with a spoon in one sitting.

Libby Murphy said...

Oh goondness gracious! I'm so glad you visited with us at Twirl and Taste and that you like the SNOWCREAM. . . how can you go wrong with Eagle Brand milk? Enjoy
and your blog is fabulous.
Happy Twirls


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