Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's A Sign {A Contest}

The Nesting Place, a very sassy design blog, is hosting a contest. I love blog contests!!! Most bloggers just challenge readers to leave a comment in an effort to capture a fun give-away. Some even let a random generator choose the winner. The Nester makes her flock earn the prize. I respect that.

The challenge: post about these cutesy signs from Danielson Designs Studio.

For several years now, I've been an antiquer. One of the things I especially love to discover is an old, clever sign. 

I always look for something that showcases a name, word, place or phrase symbolic to my life or family.  I think abstract is always best, for example, a weathered, beat up grocery store sign from a store named Mr. Dubs' Grocery. Why, I'd buy that in an instant!

I love old signs.

Or, signs that just look old....

Replace "Santa Catalina Island" with the name of your beach town!

You can search the world over and never find a sign that speaks to you. The good news is, thanks to Danielson Designs - by way of The Nesting Place - you can create your very own!

While there are tons of whimsical, spiritual signs from which to choose....

it is especially fun to create a sign that is custom to your life and home. You can do it (as I have done to nearly all the signs shown here) on the company's website and see exactly what it will like before you committ to buy.

In the dream I dream where The Nester chooses me as the winner, I pick a very rustic looking sign, and have the phrase "Real Sweet Life"  printed on it (it's something Mr. W and I say alot when A/we're relaxed and grateful....usually propped up on a beach somewhere or B/we're watching Chloe roll around the floor demanding a belly in, She lives a real sweet life).

So, pick me, Nester!

Pick me!

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The Nester said...

very, VERY convincing!

You are too much~sorry it won't link!


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