Thursday, December 3, 2009

it's my life: breakfast w/ brokaw + bon jovi

It's all in a days work, really. Commute for 700 hours from the 'burbs to the city, then hop a cab to go hang out with rock stars and broadcasting legends. If only every day was this glam.....

Disclaimer - This is one ugly picture....of me, and of my new BFF, Tom Brokaw. It ranks rights up there with my MVA picture as most unflattering,'s me and could this former news reporter not share??

Number 1 rule in picture taking: Never shoot up at your subject. Clearly veteran broadcasters like Tom and I were too humble to mention to the nice person who agreed to take this photo for me that being "shot up" would make us look dumpy...My mom thinks this photo is so bad that she went as far as to say that Tom and I look alike...

I handle telecommunications policy issues at my job, which is why I assume I was invited to Characters Unite, a national town hall event sponsored by the USA Network. I didn't ask why when I received the invitation. After reading that the panel would be moderated by Tom Brokaw, and included Jon Bon Jovi, I just RSVPed yes!

Jon Bon Jovi

Brokaw has always been my favorite newsman. He gave us a sneak peak at a documentary he made, and that USA will air in January called American Character Along Highway 50.  I teared up at the preview.

Since seeing Bon Jovi in concert about five years ago, I've harbored a major rock star crush on Jon.  In his role as philanthropist and politico, JBJ is a different man than when he's leading his band.  Unlike at his concerts, he never stood, bum facing the crowd, and rocked his hips while at this Town Hall. He was stern and serious...and he was ushered away by a staffer before he could pose with me for a picture. Sigh.

While they were the main attractions for me, the event wasn't at all Brokaw or Bon Jovi - centric. Characters Unite hosted a large panel of community and political leaders from all across the U.S....a real Who's Who of famous-for/in-DC types, discussing ways that communities can better embrace social justice and cultural divides. I say we start by letting everyone get a picture with Jon Bon Jovi....

 The gentleman in the gray suit? Dule Hill from The West Wing!

Oh, and also...if you're like me and want to know funny little details that have no real merit to a story, you'll appreciate this: Mrs. Bon Jovi was there, dressed in the most unWashington outfit - a hot, tight sweater dress that hung off her shoulder, belted, hitting just at her tall, suede high-heeled boots. She looked amazing...and somehow, even in the midst of discussing health care and the economy, most of the men on the panel made reference to how smokin' she was. Her husband just nodded.

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