Monday, November 16, 2009

What Not to Wear to the MVA

If I were a truly humble person, I would show you the world's scariest drivers license photo. Because I am a) A little vain and b) In said picture, I will only show you part of it....

It's ok to gasp. It's really that bad. According to my mother it is what I deserve for leaving the house ungroomed. But do you know why it's especially funny?

It is funny because with many things in life, I'm typically pretty calucated. So in all my driving years, I've been hyper about my license photo. I always wear the same thing: black turtleneck, pearl earrings. The look will never not be in style,and the the black works in front of whatever horrid backdrop you're forced to pose. I always approach an MVA visit as if I'm sitting down for a sorority composite, and  as a result, I've had a lifetime of unusually good mugs....not because I'm particulary photogenetic, but because I try hard. Give me a frivolous goal, and I will achieve it.

Since my last name has changed, I needed a new ID. So on Saturday I rolled out of bed just in time to make it to the MVA before the doors closed. Doors close at noon. I left my house at 11:30am. 

Expecting to simply show my new Social Security card, I assumed I'd get a new license with my new last name and my old picture. As the above photo suggests...I assumed wrong. 

In a baby blue v-neck that did nothing to frame my face, without a stitch of make-up, and with with no accessories at all...I  removed the hat that was hidding my frizzies, whipped out some lip gloss and hoped the MVA used a magical lense. Clearly, there was no magic.

Once more just to make you feel better about yourself....

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Sarah said...

Thank you for making me laugh EVERY TIME I read your blog!!! Miss you and congrats on your marriage. PS Isn't it time for another 'annual' (um what happened) blessing brunch!?


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