Thursday, August 9, 2012

pay dirt!

As much as I love to decorate life with fun party naps and four different kinds of wire ribbon at Christmas, when it comes to the maintenance of a home from day-to-day I'm simply bad at housekeeping. Some of my friends say they can't sleep at night if they know dishes are in their sink, or if they don't have fresh linens on the beds when they leave for vacation their entire trip will be ruined.  I truly have no idea how they must feel. Cleaning just isn't my thing; I much prefer reading, naps, or dining out. 

It was with the ownership of my domestic downfalls that I set out to buy the services of a house cleaner at a silent auction. And I won!   Then, I shoved the gift certificate in my purse, and then later in a drawer because I'd have to really clean before I could even call a cleaning service, and what would I do with Chloe, who hates strangers in her house?  This was more than a year ago....

PR is coming to town soon. She and Danny will be in for an extended visit of nearly two weeks. PR is tidy and organized, so  in advance of her arrival I've been policing pantries and decluttering cabinets. Not that  I could fool my mother, even with last minute efforts; she know I'm inherently (thanks, Daddy!) messy, but I always give it a good try. So, the search began for cleaning service information, and  upon finding it in a junk drawer somewhere, crusty and water-stained, Dan fell out laughing at the irony. Like most everything in my house, even a certificate for cleaning just collects dust! 

What do you call cashing in on your house cleaning win with a completely filthy gift certificate? I call it...Pay Dirt! 


Tricia said...

Girl, send them my way. My hardwood floors could use a good scrubbing. I'm kind of in the middle of where you are, and those who can't sleep when dishes are in the sink. However, I could go for a nice cleaning lady every now and again. Can't wait to hear how sparkling clean your house is after they are done. :)

Dee Stephens said...

WOOHOO!!! I generally clean all the time but haven't felt like it since being pregnant. I'm TOTALLY hiring someone to come in and clean the house before all you guys come in!

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

I am weirdly anal about my house, even (as you know) if a layer of basset hound hair is constantly present. What is nasty is when you find dog hair in your cobwebs. We have a spider issue here.

And OMG, I just tried to pick Bax up to take him to the groomer and I felt this white hot pain in my back, the likes of I have never felt before. I think that fat dog just broke my back!

Heather said...

Ha Ha! That's funny. I relate. I am not an awesome housekeeper. But I do prefer to leave for vacation with a picked up (I didn't say clean) house. The reason is that I don't want to come home from rest to a work-required situation.

My mom is WAY neater than I am, too. In fact, one of our favorite moments was when my mom visited my sister's college apartment, went in her bathroom and said, "Oh, is that mold?" Ah, our mothers and their attention to detail.

Hope you have a good visit. And hope your cleaning service rocks!

Leigh Powell Hines (Hines-Sight Blog) said...

So funny! I'm just like you, but I hire people to clean. :) It's a luxury that we need because my husband is so neat. He would divorce me otherwise.

Deviled Megs said...


Fairhope Supply Co. said...

Pay Dirt!!!! I'm cracking up!

Soul sister with the dirty dishes, but well read instead!


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