Tuesday, July 31, 2012

girls trips: then and now

 The last time I took a beach trip with my group of hometown friends we were only 18. Our travel style has changed a lot since then. Here's a peak at how different our trip to St Simons Island was  to mark our 35th year as compared to our week in Myrtle Beach to celebrate high school graduation. 

Getting Carded:
The Ocean Lodge at St Simons Island

Then: We passed around the IDs from those of us who were already 18 so we could get into {cheesey!!} nightclubs at Myrtle Beach. It was a brilliant plan.
Now: When we stopped in for a nightcap at  The Ocean Lodge no one was even carded. It was a tragic reality.

Rest and Relaxation:

Then: No one rose before noon. 
Now: At the spa by 10am. 

Food for Thought:
Dining at Halyards

Then: We ate a lot of tator tots. 
Now: We ordered spinach when dining at Halyards...
and not just because it was creamed with pimento cheese. 

Photo Opps:

Then: It seemed like a good idea to stand on tables and accessorize with sand buckets. 
Now:  A marina makes for a much better backdrop. 


Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner
The girls and Simon

Then: On the way home we made a detour to Lake Lure, NC, to see where the movie Dirty Dancing was filmed.
Now: On the way home we stopped to meet - and steal turns holding - our friend Melanie's new baby, Simon....
 Melanie missed out on our trip because she was due any day but the timing of her delivery couldn't have been more perfect for us. Seeing this little saint Simon was the highlight of everyone's St Simons trip! 


Katie @ Team Skelley said...

TN girls stick together!

I know we must have mutual friends. We can't be the same age and from TN and not have a friend in common. One of my closest friends went to Knoxville and has family in St. Simons- we drove down in 1998 for spring break.

Dee Stephens said...

How fun! All of your dresses are adorable!!
How cute that your friend had a baby named Simon and you went to St. Simon's!

I Do Declare said...

I know - we loved the irony of it. We knew she was having a boy, but she hadn't shared his name yet. She'd had the name for years, so it wasn't trip-inspired, but still very fun!

Deviled Megs said...

Love -- looks like SUCH a fun trip!

MCW said...

I so need to do this post. My "thens" could be kind of scary. I love the bucket on the head.

Leigh Powell Hines (Hines-Sight Blog) said...

I love the trips of today. You looked so cute in your dresses. Love them.

Sweet, cute baby. Wow, that spinach with pimiento cheese.


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