Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Hard Habit of Soft Rock and Other Empty Thoughts

I can't get enough of the Comcast cable Soft Rock station. I want it playing at dinner, when I cook, as background music for cleaning or if nothing else is worth watching on television. 

"You know how listens to Soft Rock?" Dan asked me, then followed before I could answer with, "Old people."


Speaking of age...The former small town medal head that is now my husband would love to see Guns and (or is it -N-; I should know this) Roses when the band (save for Slash - tragic) plays near D.C. this month. So, I looked into it. The show is on a Thursday night and it starts at 10pm. TEN! I don't think either of us have the Patience to wait that late for a concert to start. Hee. Doesn't GNR know its core audience isn't Sweet Children anymore?


Smash on NBC  - I am captivated!!! It debuts Monday, but the first two epidodes are available now On Demand for Comcast customers, and also on iTunes. I watched it this week. LOVE - and I'm not even a Gleek. Also, because we're cheesey, my friend Patrick and I now and will henceforth refer to Katharine McPhee as Introducting Katharine McPhee.



Last Spring, I raved about how much I loved face wipes for a quick make-up removal, since I'm terrible at washing off my make-up before bed. I still love them, but I feel like I should offer this disclaimer now: they aren't so great for your skin. My friend's dermatoligist said wipes are terrible for drying out one's face (especially around the eyes - do not use to remove eye make-up!) and should be used ONLY as a last resort (ie, when you're camping). Sadly, I've retired the wipes, and brought back old fashion face-washing.  

In advance of boot camp, I spent last weekend on a bit of a cooking bender. I made a pasta dish so good I ate it the next day for breakfast,  shirmp and grits (that weren't my best work), and the apple cobbler in this month's Southern Living. I didn't have cherries, but used peaches instead, and also cheated with Trader Joe's canned biscuits instead of rolling my own dough. Still, it was SO delish, and very easy. Here is the recipe if you want to make it.


That's a Thin Mint cupcake. So that bootcamp won't prove to be entirely for naught, I only had one bite of it yesterday when the Girl Scouts celebrated its 100th birthday on Capitol Hill! I'll be writing more about that next week for DC Ladies because the Girl Scouts began down South! What I won't mention there (but I will tell you!) is that Hill staffers LOSE their mind over free things and there was a silly little showdown when someone refused to follow the take-just-one rule for lifting a box of cookies. Obviously, that person was never a Scout...




Theresa said...

I use face wipes from time to time when I don't feel like using the Clarisonic. Hmmm....maybe I should stop altogether too. Also, Chlo E. Diggers is too adorable!

Dee Stephens said...

Love the pictures of Chloe!! That cupcakes looks yummy!

Katie said...

I snorted when I heard the announcer say "introducing Katharine McPhee". I remember her on AI. I remember when she cut off all of her hair and dyed it platinum as part of her new sexy look. She has been around the block.

Your pup is such a sweetheart! Baxter has taken to napping in my closet so all of my clothes smell like him now. Thanks, basset hound.

Hines-Sight said...

So fun. Love today's post.

I listen to WRAL FM which is 101.5 here which is soft rock, too or adult contemporary. They have 80s cafe at noon to give you an idea. They play Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, but after the songs have been out while so it's not the place to go for "what's new" unless it's Bruno Mars or Michael Buble. I never really thought of it as old, but all of the sudden this week, they have started doing erectile dysfunction commercials. I've had to giggle, and I thought "old."

Introducing Katherine is kind of funny....

Hines-Sight said...

Check your spam, I may have said something in my last post that could cause it to go to spam. Oops! Sorry!

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog and laughed my way through your entire post! Clicking "follow" after I post this. :)

Anonymous said...

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MCW said...

Smash looks so good!

And so do those biscuit things!!!

Hyphen Interiors said...

Guns N Roses! Fun! But, 10... yeah. Recorded Smash last night - looking forward to seeing how it is. Glad to hear good reviews.


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