Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Let's Call Them...Habit Changes

January 9th, long since passed, is the day on which most people who made new year's resolutions have already broken them. This year, I've been kind of slow to get my affairs in order, and since I'm a tad tardy on setting resolutions anyway, I'll just call my own intentions for 2012 Habit Changes!

I plan to attack these changes on a quarterly basis (January- March; April-June; July-August; Septmeber-December) as if I'm Donald Trump running a businsess. I just thought to write CEO of My Own Life, but then hated myself a little for even having such cheese mold around in my brain.

I think starring down changes in the short term might serve me better than the both grandiose and general goals of yesteryear, so....for Q1 I'm getting more specific:

Moderate Home Make-Over:
In our time as roomies, Dan + I have failed to truly make our house a home. This is in part mostly because we know we aren't going to live there forever, and also because we've spent all extra funds on travel. I love to entertain and not having a space I enjoy sharing with guests is weighing hard on me, plus...I don't want to look back on our first place together in total disgust. While there won't be extreme overhaul and redecorating, I am going to try put my best lipstick-on-a-pig efforts into sprucing up what we do have, purchasing each month something classic to tie our hybrid mix of Shabby Chic Single Girl and Big Screen Bachelor furnishings into something a bit more cozy. Just this week I found this on Craigs List for a steal:

Steal My Youth:
Back in the day I could sleep in make up and wake up with plump, zit-free cheeks. Now when this happens, which sadly, is often, I just wake up looking....older and more time-stamped. It's time for some serious skin management. Any money that used to be spent on manis and pedis now goes exclusively towards facials. In addition, nightly face washing and sleeping in thick creme.

Operation Austerity:
I am so terrible at both saving and managing money. For a year I've had a personal budget each month which I think I adhered to MAYBE twice. For Q1, I want to stay on budget every month with a goal of helping Dan + I bank a certain amount by the end of Q1. I started by canceling a $40 montly Weight Watchers membership, which I joined in August but havent used since.....August.

Weight Watching:
Last year I lost nearly 30 pounds...but I hit a wall in the fall and indulged through the holidays. I don't want to quit, though, or fall back into my evil eating ways. By my 35th birthday in March, I want to have shed 15-20 more pounds.

How are you doing on your goals/resolutions/habit changes?


Dee Stephens said...

YAY! for all your resolutions! You need to take before and afters of the house and post!!

Deviled Megs said...

If you don't already have one, treat yourself to a Clarisonic Mia. BEST investment you can make for your skin, hand to god.

MCW said...

I didn't make any! I started making changed to my diet and workout routine back in June and still going strong. I will say that I used to do WW and just go SICK of it. My new routine is so much better.

I should make a budget resolution. Not so good with that one...

Hines-Sight said...

Yea for your habit changes.

I need to do more with our house, too.

It's hard with the kids though...everything is so cluttered and a mess.

I'm exercising in the am again. so far so good, but it's hard.

Katie said...

Happy early 35th birthday! I turn 35 in September. :D I love that ottoman, you could probably sell it for a small fortune down here in Crimson Tide country!

Laur said...

Good for you and all your "habits" Love it! Take a look at my blog…every sat a way to save. I'm trying hard to save too. Couldnt agree more on the face cream, etc. IT is not often I sleep in my makeup, but when I do, ugh! YUCK! LOVE that ottoman!! Steal of a deal!

Erin said...

I love that you broke it up by quarters...I wish I had thought of that. Also love the houndstooth - Roll Tide!

Heather said...

These are great! And I love the Craigslist find...keep us posted on your home decor efforts. You are smart to focus on things you can take with you.

Anonymous said...

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