Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Popcorn for Breakfast!?

How early do movies theaters open where you live?

I discovered this weekend in the 'burbs that crowds of people are taking their bed heads to the big screen before most restaurants even serve brunch! Who knew?

Apparently ALL the people where we live, because the theater was PACKED! I counted more than 100 people in the ticket lines outside - before 10am...including this scruffy, sleepy guy.

Last Saturday, Dan + I set out to see "our" movie, The Descandants. Turns out, not only did we fail to score a ticket to walk carpets with Clooney, but we couldn't even buy our way into the sold-out 7:15pm showing at the mall. What can I say? We're power players.  

Because I'm sort of a snob when it comes to my Sunday afternoons and evenings (I like to be home, hunkering down for the week ahead) the afternoon showings the next day didn't appeal much (and they competed with someone's need to watch football). A quick check to Fandango, however, would reveal that the movie was playing at 10:15 - A.M.

That gave us just enough time to roll out of bed, and be back at the mall...

Popcorn for breakfast!

It is bad enough that in my mid-30s suburban life going to the movies is sort of all the nightlife I have, but now...I can easily see it transitioning into a morning event.

It's so much cheaper: $12 for two people - that's high school dating in the 1990s prices! Plus, you can be home and back in stretchy pants by noon!

Obviously this is new to me, but have you ever morninged at the movies? Or...is this yet another trend that I've slept through - literally?


Dee Stephens said...

Snob about Sundays eh? Who knew? You and Brad have that one in common!! I, on the other hand, like to be doing something. It's normally my girlfriend day.

Hines-Sight said...

I love it. I had no idea it was that early either. But, I totally understand. Wait, til you have kids then you will never go to a movie again because you would rather pay for a sitter to go out to dinner than to see a movie.

Heather said...

Yes, with the kiddos. I have NO problem with popcorn for breakfast and movie prices are kind of ridiculous. But we totally go anyway.

Deviled Megs said...

My mom absolutely loves going to the movies early in the morning on the weekends. I have done it myself once or twice -- so much less of a pain/hassle then going int he evenings!

Sarah Beth - Dixie Gator Gal said...

That's awesome! At 10:15 I totally would have worn stretchy pants there as well!

AnnieLaurie said...

We love going to the movies for breakfast. We used to do it alot at Tysons before LKW. In fact, we saw a movie the weekend before she was born (Moneyball) just to enjoy the morning movie experience one last time. Last Christmas Eve we woke up and saw two in a row (The Tourist and Little Fockers), we were out by lunchtime! Its a great tradition you should continue, esp. considering how cheap! At Tysons the large pop corn and two large cokes cost TWICE what the tickets cost at that time of day:) Thats some pricy breakfast food! Too bad they dont serve mimosas!


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