Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Almost Famous - In Hawaii with George Clooney

There I was just laying on the beach...

when I heard, "Crew Number 2, this way...."

I looked up from reading Mercury in Retrograde (which happens to make reference to George Clooney) to see all kinds of movie types rushing the beach to set up a shot.

I'd heard that George Clooney was in town - and not just from People magazine. All the island was a buzz with sightings and talks about where he was rumored to be staying and dining. So, not long after the crew arrived on the sand, by george, so did Clooney!

For the record, I did not seek out George, but far be it for me to stay away from our resort's beach just because he was working there....

George in red

Far be it for Mr. W to stay out of the water because that's where one could best see all the action.

Mr. W's first time as a stalker - I was so proud

I won't lie...laying on the beach all sunscreened and cocktailed, watching a movie being made, that's pretty hard to top for a girl like me who, admittedly, is pretty astute to the comings and goings of celebrities! BUT, being an extra in said movie....

Well, that topped it!

I use the word "extra" lightly because I'll tell you now, neither Mr. W or I made any shots. But the very next day, we did get to cross over into "set" territory.

We were poolside, just minding our own business. Our Clooney quota had well been filled; our Mai Tai max, still slightly unmet....

when a casting guy dropped over and asked if we'd like to be an extra in a "George Clooney movie". Um, yes...provided I could keep on my cover-up. There's not enough LYCRA in the world to get me photographed in a swimsuit these days, muchless my motion picture debut.

In route to become part of the cast - I was excited

After forcing Mr. W to change out of his Big Ed's Pizza t-shirt and putting on a bit of mascara, we hurried down to meet up with more casting people, who took our pictures, put us in a van and drove us to set. Yes, George was there and within feet from us. No, I didn't talk to him or get a picture because that would be unprofessional...but don't think I didn't want to!

I didn't take any pictures at all, in fact - it was not allowed. We sat for a few hours watching all the action before being told our services were not needed. The only real thrill we got was when the security people would come up and ask, "Are you part of production?" we got to honestly answer yes.  So, there's really no exciting story to share, other than we were almost famous, and absolutely amused by the experience.

Later that night as we valeted the car at the hotel where the film was being shot the valet asked for our last name.

"Clooney," I said...with a wink. 

He looked at me like I was a total jerk and said, "That one's already been taken."


Carey said...

Wow! I'm so jealous of your fun vacation! Such a beautiful place. When I was in Hawaii, I actually was a few feet away from Adam Sandler and the cast of Fifty First Dates. Of course, I didn't end up famous either :)

Hines-Sight said...

This is great. I have to ask. What was the movie? And where were you all staying?

Heather said...

Okay, that's a great story.


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