Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This I Know For Sure...

 I'm sorry...the start of a Fall television season sans Oprah made me want to use the above as a blog post title.

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  • I don't know much, but I know I love Trader Joes.

  • I know that when I don't wear a lot of make-up to work, my co-workers say I'm in High-Def. When I take efforts with the concealer, the Low-Def is appreciated.

  • I know that if there isn't a lot of posting on this blog that usually means there is a lot of cleaning at my house. 

  • Laboring on Labor Day is under-rated, because all I did on my day off was launder + tidy, and I feel more together this week than I have in ages - now I know why all you Real Simple-types get so excited about organization!

  • I've always known I bite off more than I can chew in life, and that is not a reference to my weight, just a way to say I haven't been binge eating, I just haven't had the time to update over at my Red Dress Report blog. 

  • Because I learned the hard way, I know that when dog poo lands unwittingly on one's face, a silly fight between husband + wife will quickly end and turn to desperate laughter. And I know that's all I need to say about that...even though it could make one hysterical blog post.



Hines-Sight said...

What a great post today. Dog poo? Yuck.

I love Trader Joes, too. You were right on for a lot of them.

Dee Stephens said...

The dog poo thing grosses me out! LOL!!
Glad you got organized this weekend!

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

Not sure I want to know more about the dog poo fight. Haha! (Yuck too!)
Labor Day, I actually did not labor that day and didn't leave the house, which is a good think considering I did not wear makeup and I don't think I even showered (let me think back...hmmm?)
Have a great day!


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