Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pinteret Prejudice Disproven

This is my obligatory I'm Falling In Love With Pinterest post.

I held out for a while. You know all the reasons: I didn't need another social media distraction.

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Pinterst seemed like non-creative people just recycling ideas of the clever-minded.

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I didn't even undertsand how it worked.

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While some of that remains true, like a sorority girl during the second semester of her sophomore year.....I've been Pinned.
photo from here

Let's have a candlelight!

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All you crazy bloggers and natural organizers, sorting your finds all tidy and clever - you were right. It's very fun, and the material for people like me who google party ideas (though it's truly SO much more than balloons and tablescapes) is truly cause for celebration.

photo from here

So, all you hold-outs, righteous with your non-computer time? No one loves a martyr.

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Come join me on Pinterest!  (If you want an invite, let me know!)



Tricia said...

I have fought this myself, but it still lingers in my mind of something I should try. Perhaps I'll pour a nice glass of wine this evening and jump into the world of Pinterest. :)

Dee Stephens said...

Ok - I think you've talked me into caving. Invite me please ;)

Hines-Sight said...

Ive got to figure out how to pin. I had trouble. Hope you are well.

Cute post.

Casey said...

I've been avoiding this too...but think I'll give it a try. Please send me an invite and thank you!

TM said...

So cute and I LOVE pininterest!

Being Healthier said...

Id love an invite!!! I just heard about it and think it seems like an awesome center of creativity!


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