Thursday, August 18, 2011

Love, Marriage...and Co-Workers.

I got to see my friend (and former co-worker) Lindsay say I Do on Saturday. She was one of the happiest, most excited brides I've ever seen, kissing her groom even before he was given the charge to lay one on her. It was adorable!

Lindsay's mom compared her daughter's wedding day to her first day of kindergarten. "She was just so ready, like on the first day of school" she said, "she never even looked back." I loved the likeness of those two monumental days.

I, however, spent much of the wedding reception looking back, glory daysing with co-workers, past and present, who'd made the trip from all over the country to be at Lindsay's wedding in Tennessee.

I took my mama as my hot date, since Dan didn't make this trip home with me...

....and she got an ear full as everyone told stories and played catch up. PR loved it, especially all the nice young men who made sure her drink was always full.

Mom told me I was really lucky to have worked/work with people I like so much.

As she often is, PR is right! A few years ago I left the Hill, and was working at a place where I didn't jive with too many people. They all seemed to think the world of each other, and when that happens -when I'm the outsider to a situation - my default defense is to just scoff at it. Very mature, I know. I can remember saying to someone, very As If-ish, The only friends those people have are people from work.

Four of the people in my wedding party were people who were first "just" co-workers to me. Yes, I'm guilty of being one of those people. It's truly no wonder I struggle with weight; I eat more words than anyone I know!

Not everyone gets to spend eight hours of their day with their friends, but for many years, I have. Tons of people wouldn't even want to see their co-workers outside the office, certainly not at their wedding. That wasn't the case for me, and clearly not for Lindsay, either. Here's hoping you are lucky enough to be one of those people, too.



The Southland Life said...

What a fun weekend! Love that you took you mama as your date. I used to take my brother as my date to weddings when I was single and dateless! I always said I'd rather take him than a random date, who I wasn't sure would be fun! Those are some of the best memories!

Dee Stephens said...

Some of my best friends are people whom I worked with at my 2nd TV job.
We're all doing different things now and living different place but are still friends!!
Your Mom looks so young and you look hot in that pink dress! :)

Hines-Sight said...

You look fantastic. Glad you had a great time home, and catching up with those friends.

The Sampler Girl said...

Great pics and I LOVE your dress!!


Heather said...

I love these pictures. I thought it was neat you brought your mom as your date, too.

As for work peeps - work can bond a group of people like nothing else. I don't work right now, but I miss my work friends all the time, and I love when I get to see them. It always feels like old times.

Laural @ Being Healthier said...

i really love this post. i dont even remember how I got it! I used to feel the same way, id scoff at the other coworkers. I wrote a post on "coworkers behaving badly" when i first started blogging. I guess I wish now that I had taken the time to become more than coworkers and friends with those people! I have tried to recently in my current job but still find it hard to get along with a few certain people BUT in general- Ive made a couple of really great friends. I will invited some to my wedding for sure! whenever i have one... whenever i get engaged... etc. :)

Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates said...

You look so beautiful in that pink dress-looks fabulous on you! :)

Lindsay Pitts said...

Patra I JUST saw this post on your blog for the first time! I literally teared up reading it - you are soooo sweet and I am so thankful for you. Thank you so much for coming to our wedding - it meant the WORLD to us for you and your mom to both be there. It was the absolute happiest and best day of my entire life - to get to pledge my love before God to the love of my life and to get to share it with the people we love the most in the world. Thank you so much for this sweet post and I am sad I hadn't seen it earlier - guess that is what I get for not keeping up with your blog enough! We need to get together for at least lunch soon - how does next week look for you??

Lindsay Pitts said...

well, leave it to me to write this whole long comment and i guess i wasn't signed in so it deleted it! so i will try to replicate what i said here :) Patra, thank you so much for your post - I literally teared up reading it you are too sweet! It meant the world to us to have you and your mom both there at our wedding. it literally was the happiest day of my entire life - getting to marry the love of my life and getting to share all of that with the people we love the most in the world! thank you! we need to get lunch soon - what does your week look like next week?


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