Friday, August 19, 2011

If You Don't Have Something Nice to Blog...

This post could also be titled I Overthink Things, but humor me....

In Spain, luggage lost, with just the belonings we'd stashed in Dan's shorts

There's a reason we as humans can't read each other's minds. If we did, we'd offend, by default, every other person in our path. Because, thanks to the likes of blogs, Facebook and Twitter, there are people who do post EVERY thought that pops into their heads all day, everyday.....eventually someone's going to be offended.

I find myself thinking negatively about people all the time just by a few lines of something they spout, and while it's clearly unfair to judge by fleeting thoughts alone, when people share their opinions with such casualness, with such authority on practically everything, it's only natural for people to think ugly things about them when the thoughts they share aren't exactly Golden Rule.

I mean, honestly - can you get through your Twitter or Facebook feed on a daily basis without at least an eye-roll? I can't. That's not to say that I assume everything I post is so convicted or clever that eyes haven't spun out of sockets on occassion.... 

Recently I blogged (again) about how I'm not a fan of the cargo shorts. I hadn't planned to continue some big campaign against the cargo, but I did happen upon a funny article and without even thinking twice, I posted it. After I did it, I carried this weird sense of guilt...and it'd flare every time I'd see someone I know wearing cargo shorts. Despite my opinion on them, cargo shorts are pretty popular, so this happened, like...daily.

Though I'll talk celebrity red carpet fashion with my friends pretty ruthlessly, in general, I don't get off on mocking people or making other people feel bad about their choices...especially in casual sportswear!

Sure, it's funny between Dan and me when I joke him about his cargo shorts. He'll remind me how those glorious pockets have held my passport when otherwise, if left in my control, it would have been lost, or he'll point out how nicely things like phones, cameras and lipstick fit in the countless pouches when I opt to not carry a purse sometimes.

I find myself disliking (especially if I don't know someone in real life) Tweeters and bloggers who are constantly mocking things - people, fashion, music, celebrities, lifestyle choices. I realize, with my simple slant on a pair of shorts, that I kind of became one of them.

Every man in my family wears cargo shorts, which save for Dan, I'd never even noticed before I went blog bitchy on the matter. I'm sure there are readers of this blog who wear them, who buy them for their husbands and children, and who thought, rightly so, that I was just a little too big for my {non-cargo'ed} britches when I went all Anna Wintour about it. For that, I really am sorry.

In short (cargo, or otherwise - hee), if we don't have something nice to blog...we probably shouldn't blog at all!


Hines-Sight said...

This was a good post. I will say that I thought the letter you posted from the DTH was funny from that perspective of the author. I would not have read it otherwise or found it so I enjoyed. I'm so not a fashionista, but I read somewhere that fashion is like art. You are a blank canvas, and because of that, I've started to judge people less by what they wear especially when it's something I wouldn't wear. I'm out of the working world now with very few things in my closet. Half of what I have needs to be tossed still. After your post, I was sitting out with my husband having a drink downtown, and watched about 10 pm as people were just getting their evening started. I saw a girl with a shirt on for a dress, and high heels. It really was a shirt, I think, and then I saw two single guys in their early thirties, probably, going into the pub. One had on his cargo shorts and tee. I thought of your blog, and wondered if I was single if I would have struck up a conversation. Ha!

Dee Stephens said...

Brad is anti-cargo too but I have a few pair of cargo pants that I hike in.
It's terrible but one of our things we do at lunch is sit outside and look at some of the outfits some women choose to wear to work.
It's unbelievable! Especially for a bank!! Cleavage is out and mini skirts?? PLEASE!!

Laural @ Being Healthier said...

haha. I love it. My bf wears cargo shorts too as do so many guys now but I love it because I can store my stuff in there if I don't feel like carrying my purse. it is kinda awesome... like a male purse... :)

Miss Janice said...

This is a great post! I am guilty of criticizing fashion and etiquette faux pas all the times. I actually get negative comments from my blog readers about my feelings on how some dress for church. While there is an appropriate dress code for every occasion, I guess I should probably keep my pet peeves about the faux pas to myself.

Just for record...I don't like cargo shorts either!


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