Monday, July 25, 2011

From the {Capitol} Hills of Tennessee

We looked like such a respectable group....

How, then, do you explain this?

Must have been the heat....

Or...the fact that half of our party grew up in Tennessee.
'sup New Market?

Represented was Anderson, Knox, Blount and Jefferson counties. The rest, God help them, just sat back and listened to our tall tales of childhoods spent in Appalachia.

If you were sitting next to us you would have heard bits of converstation like this:

Blount: Well, in my gated community in affluent West Maryville....
Anderson: The only gated community in Maryville is the Blount County jail.
Blount: Well, it's the nicest in the State.
Jefferson: It actually is.

Blount: I got my 7th grade formal outfit at Hess's.
Anderson: I was a Profitts Trendsetter.
Knox: I bet you thought you were hot stuff.
Anderson: Kinda. (dropped with HARD twang)
Guy from Chicago: You sound like a Wal-Mart Mama.

Anderson: I follow Dollywood on Twitter and last week Kenny Rogers was at the park. I'm sorry, but if I were walking around Dollywood and saw Kenny Rogers, I would lose my mind.
Blount: You know they shut down the Flooded Mine?
Knox: Why?
Blount: I heard it was full of Copperheads.

The night was made up of small plates...

and big fun!

The backdrop was Barracks Row.

The food was Greek.

The friends-of-friends company was mixed.

It was, by all accounts, a quintessential D.C. Friday. What I loved most of all (aside from the short ribs!) was that on that night, the hills of East Tennessee ran right through Capitol Hill.

Everyone: Y'all, I cannot wait til Dolly next weekend!



Ashton said...

Golly, I love getting a rowdy bunch of Southerners together in a foreign city. They (as in the locals) don't know what hit them. Since starting law school, I have had a influx of friends from East Tennessee and secretly like Rocky Top because of them.

Dee Stephens said...

How fun! Is this the UT alumni group?

The Southland Life said...

You crack me up - what a fun dinner party!!!!! tres jealous!

Hines-Sight said...

Don't run into any copperheads.


Great night of fun.


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