Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wedding Watch Party Details!

Over the top?

Party Favors - RW lipgloss, soap, crown cookies and a commemerative button

A tad.

Cupcakes, Chocolate Shortbread + Bacon Muffins on a Union Jack cupcake stand

Worth it?

Everyone was given an unOfficial Programme thanks to Julie

I think our party had a lot of fun details, and that's because all the guest contributed delicious + creative things!

Chocolate Biscuits + English Shortbread

Since I think food stands between a good party and a great one, I have to tell you about some of the favorites from our menus....
Cucumber sandwiches, ham + biscuits, English breakfast tea and wedding cake

  • The Bacon Herb Muffins, a recipe I got from Southern Living, were SOOO good...better, I'll dare say, than even Prince Harry's bacon butties!
  • Megan bought crumpets weeks ago from Trader Joes and froze them. She had the good sense to know that come wedding week, they'd be sold out - and they were!
  • Lori brought a chocolate biscuit cake, made from the same recipe as Williams's groom cake. IT WAS UNREAL. She bought it from Againn, a DC Gastro Pub, and I promise you locals it's worth the drive up to NW to get it...(or the shipping costs for you non-Washingtonians).
  • In nods to the bride + groom, we offered Beef WILLingtons (aka, mini meat pies - reportedly the Duke's favorite childhood dish) and Buckleberries + Cream (since the Dutchess grew up in Bucklebury, England).
  • And the wedding cake.... Well, there's a story! This lovely, which is larger and more ornate than my own wedding cake, is not at all real. 

This is the cake I bought for the party....

It was leaning when I left the bakery, and collapsed before I ever made it to Mary's house. So...when I got to Mary's neighborhood, I marched into the first bakery I found open at 8pm, dropped the IneedacakebecauseGoodMorningAmericaiscomingtomywatchparty line and begged them to let me borrow one of their plastic models. One promise to return it the next day {and my credit card number just in case I didn't} and I was out the door with a masterpiece...and our centerpiece!

Our Royal Wedding Breakfast

Besides tea, we sipped on Buck's Fizz cocktails (the British version of a mimosa)....

Then, somewhere after the adorable newlywed spin in the Aston Martin but long before the new Dutchess of Cambridge had slipped into her second gown of the day, we Royal Wedding watchers were {finally!} fast asleep.....

dreaming of the next fun party we get to plan!



Hines-Sight said...

You all had a fabulous party. Great details. I cannot believe that happened to the cake. Unbelievable!

Dee Stephens said...

My favorite is the cake story. You are so me.. hello twin! :)
Can't wait to lunch in DC!

The Sampler Girl said...

Oh my gosh - that is hilarious about the cake!! I thought it was so perfect looking. lol

Tanya, who is still in Royal Wedding withdrawl

Kris said...

You are TOO MUCH!! I think this was more well-planned than my actual wedding! Is there a way to see the GMA or news coverage? I missed it!

Miss Janice said...

I'm enjoying catching up with your blogposts. This Royal Wedding Watch Party sounds like it was fabulous. Y'all went all out...I LOVE it:) Love the foods, the decos, and your cake story...I can tell you that I lost many fabulous cakes in the car going home from the Baker's. Love the faux cake for the centerpiece. Great idea!

A week later, I'm still obsessing over the whole Royal Wedding!


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